ColorOS 12 Beta Update Timeline For Global Markets

OPPO revealed ColorOS 12 beta in China last month. Today, the company has announced the latest version of its mobile operating system based on Android 12 for global markets – and it’s bringing a colorful new user interface with it! The unveiling event held today was virtual in nature, but the company did touch upon when different devices from OPPO will get to use their newest operating system.

Like other Android smartphone manufacturers, OPPO will be upgrading the OS of its smartphones to Android 12. The company plans to upgrade 110+ devices and reach out to over 150 million users across the world.

OPPO went through a new software update and introduced a new ColorOS version. It’s called ColorOS version 12 and is the company’s latest customized Android skin, which has been in the works for a while. While testing of this new system started, more than one million users have been taking part, according to OPPO.

Let’s take a look at when and which handsets will receive ColorOS 12 Beta update.

Update Timeline of ColorOS 12 Beta

coloros 12 beta update timeline
coloros 12 beta update timeline

For the ColorOS 12 Beta update, the ROM will be rolled out in batches which means it’ll happen in stages. You’ll have to wait until the final build is ready for your device when all of the bugs have been squashed by testing it on multiple samples.


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