WhatsApp Will Allow You to Pause Voice Recordings in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Will Allow You to Pause Voice Recordings in WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been working on improving its user experience and it’ll soon be possible to use some new features. A story was published, revealed that the messaging app will offer a way to listen to voice messages globally with different playback speeds and now WhatsApp Beta Info has reported further details of the voice controls. WhatsApp is currently working to provide us with a new feature according to which we can pause voice recordings and them press the resume button to start recording again where we left.

Pause Voice Recordings in WhatsApp

The report shows that WhatsApp is on the road to developing a feature that will allow users to pause voice messages while they’re recording them. For those using the service on multiple devices – for example, a desktop and a mobile phone – it will be exceptionally useful because if running low on storage, you can record a single message and have it simultaneously play on both.

As previously mentioned, the demo video presented above shows that there is a new button for this feature called Stop and Go. The slider on the panel can be moved to control playback without touching a recording session in progress resulting in a much easier experience overall.

How Dows This Feature Works?

WhatsApp is testing a voice recording feature that will allow users of the app to pause on one device and resume on another. The feature currently only works on iOS beta versions of the app, but WhatsApp Beta Info has confirmed it’s in the works on Android as well.

Pause Voice Recordings in WhatsApp

Recently, the app’s APK was recently dissected by XDA-Developers. It is thought that they are working on a “Community” feature that will work in tandem with the current functionality of their WhatsApp Groups for group chats. The theory is that communities will have several WhatsApp Groups alongside one another, or it could be the other way. Perhaps admins within each community group can communicate with members in that group through posts hosted in just that community.

This is according to WhatsApp’s latest beta v2.21.21.6 where several new strings highlight the upcoming Community feature.


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