Best Girl Brawl Stars Brawlers

Brawl Stars continuously brings out new brawlers for players to pick from. With that, the game now offers a wide pool of Brawl Stars brawlers with different rarities and unique sets of skills that can be advantageous depending on your gameplay and strategy.

Currently, Brawl Stars has a total of 80 brawlers which is comprised of both male and female brawlers. Now, if you are like me who enjoys the game more by using female characters, then this is the perfect guide for you.

In this guide, we will showcase the best and strongest female Brawl Stars brawlers in Brawl Stars in 2024. Start brawling by creating your account or by buying a Brawl Stars account for sale.

Charlie Brawl Stars

The Amazing Charlie comes first on the list. This Mythic brawler is one of the controller characters in the game.

At first, Charlie might seem relatively weak compared to other Brawl Stars brawlers because of her moderate health and low damage to enemies. However, all these are compensated with her impressive skillset.

Her basic attack is using her yoyo. Using her weapon, she swings it and lands a fair amount of damage to enemies hit upon releasing the yoyo and as it comes back to Charlie. For her Super, she throws a hair-like trap that contains the enemy hit inside a cocoon for up to 5 seconds. While contained, the captured enemy cannot move or use any attack or skills.

Maisie Brawl Stars

Maisie, the Master of Disaster, is always one of the most popular marksmen in the game because of her long attack range and high damage inflicted on enemies.

Her basic attack might not look strong because it is a cloud formed by her fire extinguisher weapon. It fires slowly at first but it increases its fire rate once it hypercharges. Moreover, her Super creates a shockwave that goes through a wall and pushes back all enemies hit while also receiving damage.

Colette Brawl Stars

Colette, the Collector, is a damage dealer class that is best used against enemies with high base HP.

Her basic attack is releasing a heart-shaped projectile that deals 37% damage to the target’s HP. But what makes Colette a good choice is that if you are facing high HP brawlers such as Frank and El Primo, you can easily pierce through them. That is because the higher the HP of the enemy, the higher damage it receives from Colette’s attacks. In return, the lower the HP of the target, the lower the damage she inflicts.

Amber Brawl Stars

The Fire Starter makes it to the list as another best controller option in the game. Amber is a controller unit but can inflict high damage on enemies because of her impressive attacks.

Amber’s basic attack shoots fire at enemies that can be fired in two ways. Tapping only causes her to shoot one flame, but by holding and aiming the joystick, Amber continuously fires flames in the pointed directions. Plus, Amber’s Super makes her throw a flask that causes a puddle that can be turned into a puddle of fire when hit by her basic attack.

Piper Brawl Stars

Looks cutesy, but deadly—that is Piper, the Sniper, a marksman.

Among all the brawlers available in the game, Piper has the second lowest HP, but she can deal massive damage to enemies hit from her distant position using her umbrella. Her weapon can deal a higher amount of damage once she moves further from the target.

Given that her basic attack works that way, it is best to use Piper in the back rows as she becomes ineffective when enemies are closer to her.

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