Funtouch OS 12 Gets An Early Reveal Before The Launch of Vivo X70 Globally

Funtouch OS 12: Vivo, a premium smartphones brand has its UI design for Android Devices that is called Funtouch OS. This OS has powered Vivo devices for many years. Vivo has finally unveiled a new upgrade to its Funtouch OS called Funtouch OS 12. Below are all the details regarding Funhtouch OS 12.

What is Funtouch OS?

Funtouch OS strives to make your smartphone easier to use and more efficient. It packs in several features to give you a seamless experience. It allows you to set up your phone even without opening the Settings page.

With just a swipe, you can change the wallpaper, theme, icons, functions, and more. You can use gestures to quickly unlock your phone. App Twin also allows you to use two accounts at the same time. There is also a simpler slide-out navigation feature.

Is Funtouch OS Good?

While initially it was believed that the new UI would get a global debut when the X70 series devices launch in April, we received some information that advised this wasn’t the case and instead, the Funtouch OS will be here to stay globally even though we can expect some visual changes and additional features in newer versions of the operating system!

How to Download Funtouch OS 12 Update?

The updated version of Funtouch OS is not yet released, so we are unable to download it from the internet until company make it official. Theres another way to download this update is go to settings of your phoe, go to about area and somewhere there you need to find updates.

This is the official way of updating your device to latest Funtouch OS 12. The company has not yet revealed that which devices are gonna get this update. We recommend to download the update only for available for particular device officially authorized by the manufacturers.

Funtouch OS 12 Featuers

The Funtouch OS 12 page is now live o n the Vivo India website and it reveals some of the new features it is bringing to Vivo devices. The Funtouch OS 12 page gives you a sneak peek at the new functionalities it brings to Vivo phones while also highlighting new capabilities which make phone owners more productive.

Funtouch OS 12

Developers are working to provide you the best apps experience after the release of the Funtouch OS 12 version. This update is still in the testing phase, after the test this will come as a beta program. There is no official release date of beta testing revealed but we hope we’ll experience this update on the very next upcoming Vivo’s x70 series.

Funtouch OS 12 Details

Another feature that we’re excited to include in our latest update is a Nano Music Player which will help you manage your music while using other applications on your device. This mini-player is specifically meant to control playback from Spotify, Joox, and also features playback speed adjustments depending on the type of content you want to play.

In the last, we are talking about extended RAM, a great feature that has become popular among all the brands. According to this feature, the phone allocates free storage as RAM up to 4GB. This allows users a smoother experience and apps to run smoothly.

Funtouch OS 12

There are no officially eligible devices are mentioned to get this Funtouch OS 12. We have to wait until the release of the Vivo x70 series. Vivo Iqoo is using the same Funtouch OS 12 UI design for their devices.

This is going to be the best upcoming android skin, support Android 12 and upcoming android updates. Upcoming Android update is all about Vivo android patch through this Funtouch OS 12.

Funtouch OS 12 Release Date

According to a previous statement from the company, we should expect more concrete details about the X70 series being released on September 22. It was announced previously that other models will receive the update in the near future. Also, Vivo should clarify how many may be eligible for an upgrade if they currently have another model from their range.

Final Words

Funtouch OS is a modified version of Android which is used in high-end smartphones of the Vivo brand. It is a light version of Android but has a lot of features that you can use. In this article, we will talk about some features of Funtouch OS, as well as the updates that have been made to the operating system.


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