ColorOS 12 Features: Everything You Need to Know

ColorOS 12 Features: ColorOS 12 is based on Android 12 – it’s better, more fun and easier to use than ever before! Additional features include OPPO AI integration, real-time group translation, cool selfie effects for video calls, AI purify mode to improve photo quality, 120Hz refresh rates for OnePlus 7 Pro users among other things. Looking forward to ColorOS 12? Here’s explained every feature in this article.

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Borderless Design

OPPO’s latest mobile operating system, ColorOS 12 debuts with a minimalist ‘borderless design’ that relies on translucent layers to separate screen elements. The company calls the feature “acrylic sheet.”  This new vision is strikingly similar to that of Apple in iOS 11.

For example, the new default theme for icons is quite literally called “acrylic icons” though distinctively different in shape and color (a lot like Google’s “Material Design Iconography,” which is supported in Android 8.0 Oreo).  The new vision further reduces OPPO’s reliance on its signature gradient designs — even the main interface and status bar elements are now flat and white (which can also be customized with a series of vibrant colors).

ColorOS 12 Features: Describing on UI Design
ColorOS 12 Features
ColorOS 12 Features: Describing on UI Design
ColorOS 12 Features
ColorOS 12 Features: Describing on UI Design
ColorOS 12 Features

The ColorOS software now utilizes bright shades of color to make primary and secondary information easier to distinguish. The software also functions responsively, which means it’s compatible with different form factors including tablets, foldable, smartwatches, smart TVs and smartphones. Similar to iOS14 for Mi phones, the latest version of ColorOS features new widgets called Quick View Cards that can be placed on either the negative (left) page or the home screen.

Animation & Performance

ColorOS 12 comes with the matching ‘Quantum Animation Engine 3.0’, offering dynamic damping and extreme feedback.

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To make the OS more intelligent, we added Artificial Intelligence to Android OS. It has a Self-smooth engine. With it, apps will work faster with a 12 percent battery life available. Also, memory can reduce 30% as it is with AI Engine 2.0. The window system now gets the ability to understand different elements, their mass, and velocity.

These factors determine the smoothness of experience on swiping from screen to screen as well as various gestures on apps and navigation through content, so users can feel a realistic touch of Android OS 12 on OPPO and OnePlus devices.

ColorOS 12 Features: Describing
ColorOS 12 Features

This engine delivers quality performance. Its read and write degradations are less than 5%, and it’s 36-month average trial time is 2.75%.

Latest ColorOS 12 Features Added

Free Floating Windows

FlexDrop is a feature that was first introduced in ColorOS 11. It lets the user organize his workspace more efficiently. Users can now do much more with the upgrade — they can resize and move their windows anywhere on the screen by simply tapping and dragging the title bar of one of them. That is a marked improvement from how it worked before!

Smart Sidebar 2.0

Smart Sidebar is the new amazing sidebar in the most useful features of ColorOS. This version v2.0 added new support for smart functions depending on different usage scenarios. There are three specific areas you can customize: The home page layout, panels and shortcuts.

ColorOS 12 Features: Describing on UI Design
ColorOS 12 Features

For example, Magento now offers price comparisons when shopping online, identifies music and easily translates foreign language dialogue into the user’s native tongue, and reads out text and alerts even when multitasking.

Shared Atlas 2.0

Users can now share multiple images at the same time to nearby devices from any brand. This feature works similarly to ‘Link Sharing’ found on Samsung One UI.

ColorOS 12 Features: Describing on UI Design
ColorOS 12 Features

Choose the images you’d like to send, upload them to the cloud, and share them with your friends! They can receive them on their lock screen right away.

Cross-Screen Interconnection

OPPO has just made it easier than ever to share content between your PC and smartphone. With OPPO’s latest app, users can transfer files such as documents, images, and music over both screens, very quickly with a speed of 45MB/s! This handy tool also allows you to mirror your phone’s screen onto your computer as well as the ability to transfer clipboard data and screenshots back and forth which is extremely convenient for those who like getting things done on the go.

ColorOS 12 Features: Describing on UI Design
ColorOS 12 Features

For this feature to work, you’ll need a Windows 10 device that supports Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi direct. This includes devices with Bluetooth 4.0 but are running on later versions of Android OS 5.0 or later, so Android phones & tablets are supported for this feature.


OMOJI is nothing more than a cheap copy of Apple Memoji. Oppo is the latest Android OEM that introduced its own digital avatars for its user, before Oppo, Samsung introduces AR Emoji and Xiaomi introduced Mimoji.

ColorOS 12 Features: Describing on UI Design
ColorOS 12 Features

OMOJIs are available in video calls, on the Always On Display, and when texting. They are currently still in development for portrait mode when composing mobile messages but have become available with ColorOS 12’s stable version.


This feature is similar to CarPlay, which works by pairing your phone with your vehicle’s infotainment system. It lets you make calls, listen to music, watches videos, get turn-by-turn directions and much more!

Security & Privacy

ColorOS 12 comes with new privacy options that are filled with additional features. Examples of these are included in the Privacy Dashboard where users can filter out apps that access information about the phone’s camera, microphone, location, contacts, or any other sort of information.

ColorOS 12 Features: Security and Privacy features explained
ColorOS 12 Features

‘Notification Smart Anti-Peepeing’ prevents leaks from the office. It hides notifications from others and media sharing without metadata.

ColorOS Release Date

One of the most significant features in ColorOS 12 is its system-wide optimization. It has been upgraded to be based on Android 12, which means not only does it look better than ever but also runs smoother with less lagging and no waiting time before you start using an app after launching it.

And because the upgrade is system-wide, end users can enjoy having a smoother experience across all apps no matter whether it is launched for the first time or used again several times already.

Final Words

ColorOS 12 is a huge update compared to ColorOS 11. There are a lot of new changes and features that enhance the user experience from the previous OS, and the OS is a step towards a more mature OS.

There are a lot of new features added to the OS, including a new OS system, a new OS optimization system, a new OS design, a new OS user experience, a new OS feature, a new OS interface, a new OS UI, and a new OS device system. These are all the new features of ColorOS 12, and ColorOS is still working on many other new features.



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