ZTE AX5400 Pro Router Released With Self-Developed 12-Core Main Chip

ZTE AX5400 Pro Router: ZTE has recently presented a new high-end router named AX5400 Pro equipped with a self-developed 12 core chip. With the same spaceship design as previously used, the router can also be folded 180° easily with all 6 antennas disappearing from sight. This means there’s lots of space left to run cables through if it’s needed.

ZTE AX5400 Pro Router Specifications

The original page of the product shows that the 8-core NPU (Independent Network Acceleration Engine) can increase the fast-forwarding performance of data packets by 1400% of this router. This router is also combined with a 120% performance boost of the remaining 4-core 1.1GHz CPU. NPU and CPU in this router work together to achieve two-way data. The max data transfer speed cab reaches 20Gbps.

ZTE AX5400 Pro

The ZTE AX5400 Pro comes with a 2500M modem custom network port, which is able to support the high-speed Angelos network. In addition, the router also supports WiFi6 with a bandwidth of up to 160Mhz.

The antennas of this router are also a great highlight. There are toral 6 antennas available and all of them are independent. By working together antennas are capable of enhancing the signal by 6dB.

In terms of heat dissipation, the AX5400 Pro uses a double-layer full-covering heat sink made from aluminum-silicon and aluminum magnesium. A high-efficiency graphene heat dissipation coating is included.

ZTE AX5400 Pro Router

The router is a gaming-focused device, as its design communicates, and thus has the NetEase UU and Tencent game accelerators to help reduce latency as much as possible during online gaming.

ZTE AX5400 Pro Router Price

The ZTE AX5400 Pro is currently available for purchase in China for 549 Yuan, which equates to around $85. Though there isn’t any official word yet of the router being sold elsewhere, if ZTE makes this happen then it could happen quite soon.


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