PUBG New State Releasing on November 11

After so much wait, PUBG New State the latest mobile battle royal game developed by PUBG Studios is finally released on 11.11.2021. The developers promised to give us a near-console experience to our mobile and will also be offered in 17 languages. This new game will be available for Android and iOS in 200+ countries. The game is still under testing and the final technical test will be conducted from 29.10.2021 to 30.10.2021.

PUBG New State

The Era of the Game

The game is developed by PUBG Studios and the environment is set in the year 2051. This new game will be following a futuristic, Sci-Fi theme. This is an evolution of the original PUBG game, whose story revolves around the fictitious town of Troi. This map that has been created for the game was inspired by the fictional town of Troi, society’s break up into different factions here representing some sort of post-apocalyptic world. Different maps will be incorporated into the game including one based on the franchise standard Erangel.


Battle Royale mode is the new sensation that has gained popularity over the past few months. New State’s battle royale mode looks like it will be one of the best. It’s based on traditional gameplay but the developers have added futuristic vehicles and weapons to make this version stand out compared to other versions, taking popular aspects from older versions but fusing them with newer elements creating what could be the next big thing in gaming!

Company Krafton has called this new augmented reality mobile game “among one of the most realistic and technologically advanced to date.” It will provide its users with a plethora of content that is both fun and engaging but also professionally developed with an anti-cheat system.

PUBG New State

PUBG New State Trailer

South Korean game company, Bluehole Inc., has also recently committed to players and the video game industry by declaring their plans to launch what they call, “Save Points”. Save Points is a collaborative effort between local and international charities which hope to someday establish crisis centers throughout South Korea.

How PUBG New State Anti Cheat System Works?

In addition to extensive anti-cheat measures, Krafton is also making it a policy to ban users from using unauthorized programs, emulators, and so on. Their sentiments and feedback from the community have been reviewed and taken into consideration to reflect these changes in the game.


PUBG New State is releasing on November 11 and will be available for download from the same date. This new update will include numerous changes and improvements, including revamped loot mechanics, new weapons, and improved animation.


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