Top 5 Fiber Optic Internet Providers in the US

Fiber internet, aka the fastest internet in the world, has opened many opportunities to the telecommunications industry. Apart from that, it has also greatly benefited many people who have been looking for fast and reliable internet connection for their homes and businesses. Its unique ability to deliver equal download and upload speeds has encouraged many people to shift from DSL and cable internet to fiber optic—that is, if fiber internet is available in your location.

While fiber internet is the fastest one out there, it is also the least available. Currently, it only covers around 42% of the United States and is primarily reserved for cities and business districts. If fiber optic internet is available in your location, we highly recommend you consider it.

All fiber optic internet providers, such as Verizon Fios and Spectrum Internet, utilize the same technology to deliver high-speed internet, but you will notice that major providers offer different prices, speeds, and even service terms. With their unique differences, some will stand out from their competitors. Here, we will dive into the top fiber optic internet providers in the US, from their pricing and availability to customer service and additional perks.

Best Fiber Optic Internet Providers 2022

Below, you will find a list of internet service providers that offer the best fiber internet in the country while considering different factors, such as network coverage, pricing, freebies, and many more.

1. AT&T

AT&T is the best fiber optic internet provider when it comes to every factor, including availability, speeds, and pricing. With its fiber internet service made available to 16 million potential customers, it is also one of the most preferred fiber internet providers in the country. Currently, AT&T offers some of the most affordable fiber internet plans when considering its recently launched multi-gig tiers.

Its current fiber internet plans range from 300Mbps to 5,000Mbps, priced at $55 to $180 per month. When computing its price per Mbps, AT&T’s Internet 5000 plan is only at four cents per Mbps, an excellent deal overall. However, not many households require that massive amount of speed, so it’s not practical for many homeowners.

AT&T’s internet plans do not come with contracts and data caps. With its affordable pricing, fast and reliable speeds, and customer-service-centered terms, AT&T has successfully earned high customer satisfaction ratings for the past few years. It recently received a 71 out of 100 rating from the American Customer Satisfaction Index last 2021, sharing the highest spot with Verizon Fios. While for J.D Power, AT&T is the best internet provider in the South and North/Central regions in the US.

2. Spectrum Internet

Spectrum Internet is best for people who prefer bundled internet and TV service. As one of the best cable internet providers in the US, Spectrum has been adding fiber connectivity to its network. It also has more coverage than other fiber internet providers, as it still mostly uses coaxial cables. It currently offers fiber-fast download speeds starting at 100Mbps up to 1,000Mbps, priced at $49.99 and up.

This company also boasts no data caps and no contracts for its users. Spectrum Internet rates, like most internet providers, increase after 12 months. While it’s a little bit pricier than its competitors, it does not compromise its reliability, and many users can attest to that statement. If you’re in a rural area and looking for high-speed internet, Spectrum Internet is your best choice.

3. Verizon Fios

In terms of speed, cost, and service conditions, Verizon Fios is a close second to AT&T, but it lacks the same depth of coverage. If you live in a Verizon Fios service region, you’ll probably find that the fiber internet service is hard to match, especially if you’re seeking a low-cost connection. It primarily serves the mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. However, it is available to almost the same number of prospective consumers as AT&T Fiber.

The cheapest Verizon Fios internet service starts at $40 per month and offers concurrent download and upload speeds of up to 300Mbps. The following tier is likewise a good deal ($65 per month for up to 500Mbps), but gigabit service is the same price or a few dollars more per month as other fiber providers, even with a $5 auto-pay enrollment discount that reduces the cost to $85 per month from $90.

Expect some attractive bonuses with your Fios order, including gift cards and free streaming subscriptions, regardless of the package you choose. For example, when you sign up for Verizon Fios, you can get a $100 gift card, and all plans come with a one-year Disney Bundle membership, including ESPN Plus, Disney Plus, and Hulu. You’ll also get a complimentary Wi-Fi router and extender rental when you sign up for the gigabit service.

4. Google Fiber

Despite its poor network coverage, Google Fiber is still one of the best fiber internet providers. Its internet plans start at 1000Mbps at $70 per month, while its 2,000Mbps plan is at $100 a month. All Google Fiber plans come with free equipment, no contracts, and no data caps. For fiber internet providers, gig service is quite common, and Google Fiber’s price is roughly in the center of the pack. However, Google Fiber’s 2-gig subscription is still the best fiber internet deal available.

5. Frontier FiberOptic

Frontier FiberOptic isn’t as accessible as its competitors. But fortunately, Frontier Communications recently extended to 19 states. Frontier’s fiber service was previously limited to California, Florida, Indiana, and Texas, and it just began delivering multi-gig service in all-fiber locations, becoming the first major provider to do so.

Frontier FiberOptic services have unlimited data and no contracts like AT&T and Verizon Fios. Moreover, unlike other providers, it already includes the equipment fee with the internet plans. Its new multi-gig plan costs $150 per month for up to 2,000Mbps, but the two lower tiers, 500Mbps for $50 and gig service for $75, are reasonably priced.


If you’re looking for fast internet, you can never go wrong with fiber internet. However, it’s just a matter of availability as fiber optic internet is not as accessible as other internet types. We highly recommend you consider the internet providers listed above if you’re planning to shift to fiber internet.


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