Graphics Card Availability and Prices Will Rise Again in 2022: Report

Graphics card availability and prices are going to rise once again. Bad news for would-be PC builders looking to get a new graphics card in 2022. If spotting the global GPU shortage coming. Not only wondering if you might get the regular price, but will be left helpless while waiting for your graphics card to ship. It’ll also effect the gamers and gaming would be more premium than earlier.

Why Graphics Card Availability and Prices Will Rise Again in 2022?

According to the latest reports from the 3DCenter point to increase the prices of Graphics Card in near future and the availability will also be in danger. However, they are expected to have a steep dip in their availability. This is inconvenient since according to these reports, this directly contradicts how things have been going so far – where prices have seen a comparative drop in the past few months showing signs of improvement. Out of nowhere, things seem to be getting worse.

An increase in future graphics card prices has been predicted by the latest reports from 3DCenter. The latest situation is directly contrary to what recent reports have shown with a comparative reduction in price rather than an increase over the previous few months.

Graphics Card Availability and Prices Will Rise Again in 2022
Graphics Card Availability and Prices Will Rise Again

What Does 3DCenter Report Say?

The report of graphics cards in Germany showing the 3DCenter shows and the prices. In May 2021, the prices of these cards reached their highest point ever since it began taking note of this data in 2017. In fact, the prices nearly tripled compared to their MSRP especially with regard to NVIDIA cards which were up by 324% compared to their original price tags.

As seen by the data posted by the 3DCenter of August 29th, graphics cards can become quite costly in the coming months. According to their new report, the price of graphics cards is expected to increase by up to 10% of their current MSRP. Their new information also highlights that there will be a significant drop in both average and available supply of NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. It’s important that you keep this information in mind, as it shows how quickly prices tend to vary for PC hardware – including video cards which means you need to act fast on good deals!

Graphics Card Availability and Prices Will Rise Again
Graphics Card Availability and Prices Will Rise Again

Whats Good For Us?

However, it’s not all bad news. If the situation is allowed to persist, you can expect prices of graphics cards will skyrocket by 2021 Q4 which seems to be incidentally when AMD will launch their next generation of GPUs. The graphics card situation has been quite horrible with the prices unnecessarily high. However, it appears that this problem might get worse which will make these products basically impossible for gamers to purchase in the coming months.

In a recent conference held earlier in the month, Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, was quoted as saying that the GPU shortage may bleed into 2022. With the next-gen graphics cards from NVidia expected to launch next year, it is possible that sales for their RTX 30 series could start to slow by the time these new products are available on the market.

Graphics Card Availability and Prices Will Rise Again
Graphics Card Availability and Prices Will Rise Again

Final Words

In a report published by Jon Peddie Research, it has been revealed that the prices of graphics cards will skyrocket again in 2022. This is due to a number of factors, including the growing popularity of cryptocurrency mining, as well as the planned release of new graphics cards from AMD and nVidia. This means that if you’re currently in the market for a new graphics card, you may want to make a move sooner rather than later.


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