Fiber Internet Vs Cable Internet, Which Should You Choose In 2022

We have been hearing a lot about fiber internet and how it excels in offering lightning-fast internet connectivity. Of course, customers are mesmerized and kind of obsessed with this new technology. But it comes at a good cost. So the budget is also an important aspect to keep in mind. Cable internet providers have managed to earn the respect and trust of their customers, through effective and interactive customer support services.

In addition, this important factor determines sales. If your customer is confident about your service, he will buy it. He will not hesitate to purchase it even if it involves a contract. For instance, a Hughesnet customer is sure that he can call the Hughesnet customer service phone number at any time, to get an instant solution or help with any potential problem, thus he will always stay a loyal customer.

Having said that, the fact is that both cable and fiber internet are among the most popular and sought internet options for users. And for all the right reasons. Both are indeed the most competitive internet types when it comes to blazing speeds. Now if you are confused about which one you should get, we are here to assist you. Have a look at this competitive analysis and make your choice.

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet basically makes use of fiber optic technology to ensure super-fast download speeds and transfer data signals in ones and zeros. The fiber optic cable is made of glass or plastic.

The delicate fiber optic has a reflective cladding. So the light signals are transmitted safely without any signal loss. So fiber internet is better than all wired internet for homes. But because it is a recently introduced technology, there is a lack of infrastructure across the US. So most people might not be able to access it due to limited coverage.

What is Cable Internet?

Cable internet makes use of the cable wires used for TV signal transmission, for delivering internet signals.  There are many cable internet providers available in the market, offering a wide range of plans and fast-speed internet connectivity.

All the cables are basically composed of a copper core and are deployed. This means that the copper core transfers data from one place to another.

Best Cable Internet Providers

Some of the best cable internet providers are the ones that have a strong repute in the market in terms of delivering high-quality internet services and impressive customer support.

Fiber Internet Providers

Some of the best fiber optic providers offer blazing fast internet speeds and are trying to extend their coverage. If you find any of them offering services in your area, you are lucky!

Speed Comparison

Fiber internet can deliver faster download speeds as compared to cable internet. So you cannot say that cable is the fastest since it is not. The fastest internet speed offered by cable internet is around 1200 Mbps. This is quite the speed for doing almost everything.

On the other hand, the fastest fiber internet speed to date is around 3000 Mbps. Another thing to consider is the fact that fiber internet offe3rs symmetric speeds. So you can expect the same upload and download speeds which are usually not the case with cable internet.

Price Comparison

Fiber internet is pricey. The cable internet plans are much cheaper compared to the fiber internet plans. So if you want to save some money, you should opt for cable internet packages.

Equipment Comparison

Both fiber and cable internet need some professional installation. Cable internet can also be self-installed if you want. And it also can help you save money on the installation fee. But fiber internet will need professional help since most homes do not have the equipment needed for its installation.

Coverage Comparison

One lacking factor of fiber internet despite its lightning-fast speeds is its limited access. When it comes to wider coverage, cable internet is a clear winner here. Cable internet plans and easily and widely accessible across the US.

Final Verdict

If both fiber and cable internet plans are available in your area, then you should get fiber internet if you think you can afford it, to enjoy blazing fast internet speeds. But if budget is a concern and you still want to experience better internet speeds, then cable internet is certainly a good option.


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