Meta Inc. FAQ: What Will Happen To Your Facebook Account?

Facebook has finally renamed itself to Meta Inc. after many rumors and news. Meta Inc. is focused on the metaverse dreams come true. Facebook was already renamed when it was in its initial stages from ‘The Facebook’ to ‘Facebook’ and now after 2004, this is the first time Mark Zuckerberg has taken a major step to change the name to Meta. This shows the keen interest of Zuckerberg-led tech towards VR and AR business.

What Will Happen To Your Facebook Account?

But people are now asking what will happen with their Facebook if they join the mission. They wouldn’t have to worry at all as the mission is not about taking over Facebook properties but it intends on adding value by creating more services complementary to the existing ones so as to not interfere with all of the hard work and innovation that has been given and is still being given for free by its excellent and dedicated team.

Meta Inc. FAQ

Facebook has clearly stated in its blog post that the name change doesn’t mean any modifications to its corporate structure. Your Facebook account will be doing exactly what it is supposed to do, which is manage your birthday reminder tool!

The current scenario with other subsidiaries, including Instagram and WhatsApp, should be the same unless the company comes up with any further announcement which is quite unlikely.

Why Facebook Renamed to Meta?

Facebook to Meta

Facebook’s name change is one of the biggest events in tech history. It was directly influenced by companies like Google who’ve changed their names before to reflect their companies’ growth. However, Facebook has made its own separate changes to how it refers to itself. The difference here is that Facebook hasn’t created a new parent company but just renamed itself.


You have a Facebook account that you have been fairly active with. You have your birthday, your family and friends, your photos, and your posts. What happens to this Facebook account after you are upgraded to Meta? the answer is nothing, you’ll lose nothing and nothing will be changed for you with this update.


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