The Good and the Bad of Technology: How Technology Evolution Has Affected Our Lives

How has the evolution of technology affected our lives? Technology is a double-edged sword, it has a way of making positive changes in our lives but it also creates problems. We may be only a few years away from the singularity. It’s a scary thought but with it comes to a lot of problems. We’ll need to be ready to face those problems head-on.

The Good Impacts of Technology Evolution

Technology evolution/improvements always come with mostly good impacts. Technology evolutions are meant for betterment and good impacts. Below are the topics on how technology evolution has made our life so beautiful and easy.

There is no denying the fact that technology has made our lives cleaner, greener, and better. If you look around you, you will notice the emergence of digital buildings, smart homes, and vehicles. For example, hybrid vehicles know when to minimize the use of fossil fuels and when to run on a complete battery pack. This helps in cutting down some of the negative effects of energy consumption and increasing our carbon footprint every single day. 

Internet Technology

In the past, 20 years ago we were unable to use WiFi internet, high-speed internet even 3G internet. The speed of the internet was very low and restricted, but now the technology evolves so much that we are living in an era of 5G technology where we get 100GB/sec speed of internet which was unbelievable in the past.

Technology Evolution

Our whole life depends on the internet now, we use the internet all the time and we are unable to live without it. Our offices are helpless to work without internet. The internet speed made office work and every aspect of life fast. We can connect to anyone on the whole, isn’t it amazing. The technological evolution is making our life beautiful day by day.

Audio Technology

If we talk about audio, we were listening to music on Gramophone which was the first music device invented by Thomas Edison. Then we moved from gramophone to music boxes to radios to piano, jukeboxes, walkman, cd players, cassettes, mp3 players and now we have a smartphone on which we can listen to anything we want with the help of the internet. Here is a complete list of audio devices from 1870 to onwards about audio evolution.

Here is a complete guide about audio evolution by pitchfork.


Technology Evolution in Movies/Videos

By looking back to old technological movies, they seem very simple even awkward sometimes because technology has evolved so much we are green screen lovers and a complete can be shot within a single room and viewers can’t even imagine all the shots are taken in one single room. The stunts have been made so much easy, most of the work is being done by just video editing and computers. Check out the complete article on moneyinc.

Actors are now much safer than before, they barely shoot scenes on real locations instead they do everything in a room with green screen effects. Don’t get confused with the blue screen it’s the same concept as the green screen. This is how technology made impossible movie shots very much possible. 90% of movies are now made through green screen effect and they are doing amazing in making money through cinemas and audience.

blue screen before and after of movie making

Movie making was very difficult in the past but due to technological evolution, it became very technical and easy as well. Everything is being done by using green-screen effects in 90% of movies now.

moviemaking camera

Cinema Technology

There were only cinemas which shows you the movies in it. With the time and technology evolution, we are not only watching movies with better graphics results even we experience it in 4DX cinema theaters. We have 3D movies technology to watch amazing movies with feeling the thrill. We have got IMAX the father of everything that provides us much a realistic look and feels.

Video: Source

4dx cinema example
Image: Source

TV to Smart TV

We were living in the era of big fat TVs and we were loving it because at that time there were not even conceived of smart TVs or bezel-less TVs. With the evolution of technology, we got lighter weight and smaller TVs. Now we have very thin smart TVs in our home and they are much better than the old big fat TVs. We came from big fat TVs to LCDs to LEDs to thin TVs to bezel-less displays to holographic to projectors.

We have now improved videos with the result of 8K that provides a realistic feel and look of the video. This technological evolution made us addicted to its perfectness.

old fat monitor tv
smart tv

Smart TVs were just slim with bezels in the starting, with the evolution of technology these TVs became bezel-less for a better picture experience.

Keypad Mobile Phone to Touch Smartphones

Just a few years back we were holding keypad mobiles and using them for calling purposes. There was no concept of social media or camera in the mobile phone. Eventually, mobile phones evolved and cameras were introduced in the starting, afterward, there were many other features added like color mobiles, big screens, media players in mobiles, audio players were introduced. With the evolution of the internet and WiFi invention, mobile brands introduced touch smartphones.

xiaomi civi price

Smartphones were introduced with big bezels on the upper and lower side of the phone. The smartphone brands took another step to reduce these bezels and now we are experiencing bezel-less smartphones with full-screen display and the more to it is smartphones coming with many innovations. We are experiencing flippable smartphones, folding smartphones, under-display camera smartphones, drone camera smartphones and there are endless possibilities for the future. We are experiencing 200MP cameras in smartphones and smartphones manufacturing brands are working on 500MP and 600MP smartphones.

iPhone Flip Concept Phones
Vivo Drone Camera Smartphone Featured Image
Vivo Drone Camera Smartphone


Holographic is the next-gen invention of TVs. This is the most realistic movie and calling feature which allows us to see the holograph of a person in the mid of the air, we can go through it. I am unable to describe it in the words kindly check the images below for better understanding.

Next-Gen of Holographic
1st Gen of Holographic
Next-Gen of Holographic
Next-Gen of Holographic


Projectors were being used in cinemas from the beginning due to their expensive rates. Projectors are not cheaper because the technology used behind them is very expensive. Technology evolution made this possible to bring down the prices of projectors to provide us cinema experience in our homes.

Mi Projector
Image: Mistore

Drones Cameras

No one would have thought there would be high-quality video results in the future with flying cameras. Drones cameras made our lives easier to take next-level photos and videos from far away from where a human being can not even go. Drone cameras are not cheaper like projectors.

drone camera

Technology in WAR

The sword wars, bullet wars, bomb wars are now past we have technological improvements to send robots, drones, planes for the war by controlling them from another country. Definitely, human resources are still needed at the battleground but most of the damage can be done through technological resources and drones also provide backup and support to these battleground soldiers which makes a fight much easier for them.

Technology Evolution in Gaming

Almost everyone loves gaming since their childhood. I am one of them and I also love gaming very much. We were playing games like mame 32 and Neo Geo since our childhood but now we have evolved so much we are playing practically through VR Glasses. The gaming experience is love now, no one can deny the truth that Virtual Reality made the gaming experience to the satisfaction level. Now think about the upcoming future upgrades what will be the possibilities there.

Technology Evolution in Laptop/Mobiles/Computers/Apps

Our most loved topic is upgrading in every gadget of our daily use. We like upgrading our mobile phones, laptops, computers and even upgrade our daily usable apps to the latest version. The technology evolution making our lives much better and we can just change or remove the background in software with only 1 click.

Difficulties and hurdles are removed to provide us smoother experience in using apps without deep learning. If we talk about technology evolution in mobile phones I have already mentioned above we are using the fanciest mobile phones, our parents shouldn’t have even thought about it we will use. Mobiles are getting better and better every day, we are barely using other equipment like calculators, laptops, cameras, notebooks when we have a mobile phone.

Let’s talk about laptops, the laptops are getting higher speed with next-generation processor invention and SSD support. We are using smoother operating systems and software to experience less lag which irritates us.

Computers are also upgrading like there is a race going on who is better in providing the best device for the users. Intel and AMD are the best competitors providing their users better than each other.

Technology Evolution in All Other Aspects of Life

This topic is undoubtedly a non-stop topic to talk about. We can provide you with thousands of articles just on this single topic. We are unable to cover everything in just a single topic, so we’ll provide you with more information about this topic in our coming-up articles. Technology evolution is a vast topic and we’ll definitely keep you updating about its impacts on our lives even those are good or bad.

Technology evolution is no doubt make our lives easier and better day by day but unfortunately this evolution have some bad impacts on our lives as well. Check the following topics on the bad impacts of technology on our lives.

Topic Outline

  1. Technology is a Double-Edged Sword
  2. Technology Brings Change
  3. Technology Creates Problem
  4. The Future of Technology
    • Tech Evolution Brings Brings Great Change
    • Tech Evolution Creates Problem
    • The Possibilities of the Future

1. Technology is a Double-Edged Sword

My friend in 2011 made the decision to fully embrace technology. He left his job as a corporate lawyer and joined a technology start-up as its first hire. For the first time in his life, he was a product owner in a company. The job involved using tech products to help the start-up move forward. It was also the first time he found himself be the subject of skepticism.

He found his doubters on LinkedIn. A fellow lawyer asked, “What happens when your computer crashes? If you’re using a Mac, does it go away and if you’re using Windows does it get destroyed?” As a product owner, his job required that he spend time on the product at least once a week. He was told that because his computer would be used for a living, he needed to spend time with it. He didn’t see that at all.

2. Technology Brings Change

What are the issues in today’s world where technology is affecting our lives? Technology brings change but not always in a positive way. Change in technology usually comes with issues and the companies responsible for the creation of the product have to make changes to cater to the changes. In the medical world, we have DNA sequencing and gene editing. For those who think that it is too dangerous, think again.

These inventions are helping to cure diseases and create new cures. But, this is also changing our history and ancestry as we discover that we’re not so unique. More and more people are finding out that they’re not genetically linked to their family members. This is definitely changing things and also showing the dark side of human nature.

3. Technology Creates Problems

First, the rise of technology has had a negative impact on our lives. A lot of people find it hard to read or write, according to a study by Toronto’s York University. A lot of research and development has gone into technology that helps people with visual impairments, those suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders and, perhaps most importantly, older people who lack mobility.

These technological advances provide an invaluable service but technology has also created problems for these groups. Our tech has created societal problems We are in the midst of a moral dilemma in our society. Children, our future, are being bombarded by violent content online. And as they grow older, our youngest kids are going to be targeted in cyberbullying.

4. The Future of Technology (The Singularity)

We’re getting closer to the singularity. That’s the point at which we are so far ahead technologically that we can assume that computers and robots will take over most of our jobs. Ekaterina Ilina, a robotics engineer for the robotics and automation company Rethink Robotics, thinks that we are just a few years away from this new world. She believes that by the year 2021, robots will be able to independently program themselves.

And that AI and hybrid humanoid machines will be the face of the future. And with that new future comes a host of problems. From $20k washing machines to robots that can program themselves, there’s nothing that’s safe anymore. And there’s an urgent need to come up with solutions. According to University of Cambridge researcher Dr.

4.1 Tech Evolution Brings Great Change

There has been tremendous progress in technology but also it brings about many problems. Things may have been better in the past but the population has grown and technology is required to meet the demands of an ever-growing population. How far can we go to produce a seamless device and what’s best for the people? Smartphones are not as smart as we thought they are. Microsoft is now attempting to reinvent the smartphone through its Lighthouse.

This is similar to how Microsoft has reinvented their product and are hoping for success as they try to get back on track. Education Recently, we have seen a lot of talks about reforming the public school system. For some time now, students have been marginalized in society and no longer considered important in the workforce.

4.2 Tech Evolution Creates Problems

The advancement of technology in our everyday lives has been around for hundreds of years. There are changes that occur along the way but we’ve still barely scratched the surface. The way we work has not changed that much in the last 300 years. The last two years have brought new advances to the workforce that are making things easier and more productive. We have the ability to do more at a faster pace than ever before, at a fraction of the cost.

The biggest change in technology has come from the internet and now the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). New AI makes our life easier Humans can only do so much and what if there’s a robot that can do even more for us? AI is in its infancy and what we can expect is a future filled with wonders.

4.3 The Possibilities of the Future

The future of technology is coming faster than we think. From artificial intelligence to drones, the things we see today could be in our homes tomorrow. There is no doubt that the future looks exciting but it also means there are a lot of problems that could come about. Technology is not something that has to be feared but we need to be aware of the consequences of what we do.

The Evolution of Drones Drones has been a tool for spies, terrorists, criminals, and soldiers. And now they have become a useful technology that is designed to help and improve the lives of everyone. Back in 2007, the US Navy started to develop Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles to carry out tasks for the Navy.


It is extremely difficult to have any idea how these technologies are going to impact the next decade. That’s part of the reason why CXOTalk and AI Summit are being held in China this year. There is so much knowledge about how the best technologies are evolving around the world and they are constantly shaping the future.


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