Windows 10 Insiders Are Now Getting Windows 11’s Microsoft Store

We have great news for Windows 10 Insiders because Microsoft Store with modern-looking that was available on Windows 11 is now available to Windows 10 insiders. One of the newest additions to Microsoft Windows 11 is the Microsoft Store. The company said that Windows 10 users would get Windows 11’s new Microsoft Store in the future. After all, Windows users in the Release Preview Channel of the Insider Program are now getting a taste of it after a Twitter post from Rudy Huyn containing a story about the two operating systems connecting through an update to their apps store.

The new Microsoft Store for Windows 10 is a visual overhaul that simplifies the look while also matching its former flagship operating system. This makes it easier to navigate and use the program, which was created mainly to help users download programs they want or need to their computer so they can enjoy them more efficiently.

Windows 11’s Microsoft Store

One of the main aims of the Windows Store is to help developers realize their full potentials with Instant access to a wealth of resources. The latest addition in this regard is a feature that allows users to download Win32 applications from the store itself. An upcoming update to all Windows 10 users now makes it possible for VLC or Zoom through the Windows Store directly without any hassle. Suffice it to say, now with Instant access from over 130 countries and 1.3 billion users, developers would have everything they need to bring their ideas alive!

However, one thing that has been possible with Windows 10 is the idea of access to the Google Play Store. As this appears to be a Windows 11 exclusive – it seems that access to native Android apps using Windows Subsystem for Android is not a reality (yet).


For now, the Windows 11 Store has been made available to those who are part of the Windows 10 Insider Program. Most users who enlist to be Insider are already running Windows 11 as it is, and as such it will not cause a substantial change to those who already use the program.


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