Facebook Connect Event 2021: Catch Up on the Latest Facebook Meta Inc. News

The social technology company Meta Inc. held its annual tech conference Facebook Connect Event 2021. The company focused on how to make the metaverse a reality in virtual and augmented reality as well as discussing new ways to shake up the industry. It also adopted a new name called “Meta” and launched its brand new site for people to explore.

Mark Zuckerberg recently teased a new high-end Oculus VR headset by the name of Cambria. Unfortunately, many were disappointed that no official announcements were made about this certain VR headset as many had been excited about it.

Facebook Has Changed Its Name to Meta

Facebook's new name is meta

The CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company will be known as ‘Meta’. This is not just for social media companies but also a metaverse company. The social media giant will retain its current name, however, it will now be called The Giant Multinational Corporation Headquarters. It is to oversee all subsidiaries. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Reality Labs, or any other subsidiaries that may be acquired in the future.

We have already a complete topic about facebook’s name change to meta check it here.

New Oculus Headset Named as Cambria Revealed

Facebook’s new VR headset prototype, codenamed Cambria, has taken the internet by storm. Rumors began swirling that Facebook was working on both Oculus Quest Pro and Oculus Quest 2 Plus when someone leaked video tutorials showing what the headsets would look like in real life. Today, after weeks of speculation, Project Cambria was finally revealed to the world. To some extent, it surpasses existing VR headsets like HTC Vive Flow, with an operating system more powerful than any other VR headset released to date.

Oculus Headset Cambria

Facebook announced its new Oculus headsets which will support facial tracking technology as well as a real-color passthrough. The latter will allow the device to become an actual Augmented Reality (AR) device completely.

Facebook Working on True AR Glasses “Project Nazaré”

Facebook announced a new pair of augmented reality glasses that have been nicknamed “Project Nazaré” at their Connect event. However, don’t expect them to be available for purchase anytime soon as the company plans to put a lot of extra work into making them look just like everyday standard eyewear. In fact, this is what they want to make their goal for this product.

There are many interesting challenges that go into making a product like this. For example, the team at Google had to fit hologram displays, cameras, projectors, speakers, and sensors into glasses that are about 5mm thick! It’s only recently that the first product of this ilk was released by Facebook teaming up with Ray-Ban to launch their first Smart Glasses.

GTA: San Andreas and Blade And Sorcery are coming to Oculus Quest 2

Facebook has announced that it will begin bringing two popular video games, the San Andreas and Blade and Sorcery, to its Oculus Quest 2 flagship virtual reality platform. We don’t know how the GTA: San Andreas version of Facebook’s newest gaming system will look like yet but we assume that it may be similar to the most recent remakes of the popular video game trilogy.

So instead of the outdated version 2 of the game, we might get remastered for version one of Oculus Quest. However, it looks like the game will be fully exclusive to Oculus Quest 1. It was only recently that The company released Resident Evil 4 for Quest 2 to a great fan reception.


Facebook is a unique and powerful platform that has changed how we communicate and connect with others. With the recent announcement of the new Facebook Connect app, we’re excited to look forward to the future of how we connect with loved ones and brands we care about. We hope you enjoyed reading our post and we encourage you to like and share it with your friends and family. If you want to stay up to date with all the latest news and updates from Facebook Meta Inc., we encourage you to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.


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