Google Pixel 6 Face Unlock Update: Everything You Need To Know

The Google Pixel 6 face unlock update is coming as Google is launching new software updates for its Google Pixel 6 series that was launched in October. Even though it may not be the latest device on the market, the Pixel still functions well and has gotten better with software updates that improve stability. Some code leaks for the next updates suggest that Google Pixel 6 Face Unlock will be available. There are even more details.

Google Pixel 6 Face Unlock Update

Google Pixel updates have been leaked and so far, it looks like Face Unlock will be included. However, full-featured automation is only available for the Pro version. The non-pro model didn’t have a feature for face unlock. Both Pixels have the same hardware, but Google only reserves some features for the Pro.

Google Pixel 6 Face Unlock Update

Google mocked Apple at its launch event by saying they don’t keep the best features for big phones when the latter launched iPhones of different sizes and kept the best features for the bigger model.


It’s said in the above lines how manufacturers like Samsung and Google are so quick to fire shots at Apple, before ending up doing the same.

Google Pixel Update Might Sort Out the Reactions on iMessage

Google Pixel Update iMessage Reaction

Issues arise when users are conversing with each other at cross-platforms. This message will be shown to the other side as “[Person] Loved” and then the text of the message. That feels awkward. However, leaks of the next update’s codes seem to have finally fixed the issue and now reactions appear as reactions on both sides.

Google Pixel Update iMessage Reaction

Final Words

So what do you think? Does the addition of a face unlock feature to the Google Pixel 6 make a difference to you? Are you excited to see what other phone manufacturers will do with this technology? If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed the article!


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