How to Buy Electric Bikes in Pakistan – Things to Consider Before Buying An Electric Vehicle

The electric bike is the most popular choice among people who are looking to get an electric vehicle. This means that you need a bicycle with good power and durability which can be used for commuting, sports riding, or just getting around town. The best electric bikes in Pakistan are made of carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, and plastic.

The best electric bicycles are also known as e-bikes because they have a battery pack attached underneath the frame. These batteries will provide a lot of power and range. Some of them also come with GPS and other features. They are also known as “e-bikes” because they use electricity instead of gasoline.

How to Buy Electric Bikes in Pakistan

There are only a few types of electric bikes available in Pakistan. You can choose from different models like the Kona, Zebu, Puch, and others outside of Pakistan. If you want to buy the best electric bikes in Pakistan check the below article. Jolta is the major company right now that is manufacturing and providing different types of electric motorcycles, electric bikes, electric scooty and electric bicycles.

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There are two main categories of electric bikes; those powered by lithium-ion batteries and those using rechargeable batteries.

Lithium-Ion Battery vs Rechargeable Battery

Lithium-Ion Battery vs Rechargeable Battery

You may wonder why there is much difference between the two. Lithium-ion batteries store energy in a liquid form while rechargeable batteries store energy in a solid-state. Lithium-ion batteries can last up to 10 times longer than rechargeable ones. However, they require more maintenance and don’t offer the same level of performance.

Some of the most common brands of lithium-ion batteries include Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Bosch, LG Chem, and others. Most of these companies make their own versions of lithium-ion batteries so that they can sell them at lower prices.

Rechargeable batteries are usually made out of metal and not plastic. They are designed to hold more charge over time and are therefore much better suited for long rides. However, they do require regular charging and recharging.

Choosing Best Electric Bikes in Pakistan

Most people prefer to buy electric bikes online rather than buying one locally. It costs less money to purchase an electric bike in Pakistan compared to other countries. If you want to buy an electric bike online then it’s advisable to check reviews before purchasing. Check reviews on different websites like Olx, daraz, or any other website where electric bikes are sold.

Best Electric Bikes in Pakistan - How to Buy Electric Bikes in Pakistan

If you’re looking for a specific type of electric bike then you’ll find that there are several options available. Here are some of the top electric bikes in Pakistan.

We also highly recommend you to read this amazing guide before buying an electric vehicle. This guide will help you if you are a Pakistani or a citizen of any country around the world.

Top 10 Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Electric Vehicle

Here is a guide that can help you choose the right electric vehicle for you if you’re planning to replace your traditional gasoline, diesel, or gas vehicle. We have outlined the 10 most important things to think about before buying an electric vehicle. 

  1. Range
  2. Need
  3. Buy or Rent
  4. Charging
  5. Charging Points
  6. Cost
  7. Battery Life
  8. Gas Backup
  9. Buy A New One or Used One
  10. Purchase it Online or Offline

1. Does the Vehicle Covers Your Required Range?

An electric bike or vehicle’s range should be the first thing that springs to mind. In comparison to the maintenance costs people spent on their petroleum vehicles, people try to save their maintenance costs. According to me, the range of an electric bike in Pakistan is 60 to 70 kilometers on a one-time charge, which is very short compared to other countries.

Several countries, such as the USA, UK, China, and Japan, have developed electric cars and bicycles. These vehicles cover 100 to 200 miles, which is 3 to 4 times longer than Pakistan’s electric bikes. With just one charge, the battery should cover at least 100km (62 miles).

2. Does the Vehicle Meet Your Needs?

What are your reasons for buying an electric motorcycle, bike, car, or bicycle? Did you have a specific need for such a change? Your answer should be generous. Do you want to save on maintenance costs? Do you want to spend less money on gas, petrol or diesel? 

If this vehicle does not meet your needs, then every answer is incorrect. You are en route to a job that is 40 to 45 kilometers away from your residence, and the bike needs a full charge the whole night. Furthermore, your office has no charging stations, so buying a bike, for this reason, is not justified. Be certain you need such technology before investing in it. You shouldn’t have to bear more burdens because of the latest technology.

3. Should You Buy or Rent

It is not appropriate for Pakistanis to answer because there are only a few companies that are manufacturing electric vehicles exclusively for sale, and rental electric vehicles are not available in Pakistan yet; however, as demand grows, rental electric vehicles will become available.

4. Charging

These kinds of vehicles have a huge problem with charging. People can charge their vehicles while parking in gas stations in other countries besides Pakistan. These countries also charge at a faster rate than Pakistan.

At this time, Pakistani manufacturers manufacture electric bikes and electric cycles that take an entire night to charge their batteries. The good news is that these vehicles don’t require special charging, and you can charge them at home just like you would charge your mobile device.

5. Charging Points

The manufacturers are the only ones who can solve this problem, it is completely up to them to introduce charging facilities with their vehicles. Pakistan is providing a normal at home charging facility but we are hoping special charging points will be available around the country so that the vehicle can be charged while parked.

Electric vehicles require a lot of charging points. There is currently no public charging point in Pakistan and charging speeds are very slow.

6. Does the Vehicle Justify its Cost?

Does the price of the vehicle you intend to buy meet your budget? Should you pay more just for an electric vehicle to replace your old one? As I mentioned, a number of features should be introduced but the company does not release all information publicly. I have already stated that there should be a number of new features introduced, however, the company never reveals all the details.

The information you see is certainly enough for a person to make an educated decision, but neither the manufacturer nor I have covered maintenance costs nor the battery life. Make sure you thoroughly research these companies before making a decision. If you’re buying a costly item online, I recommend avoiding it. If you are unsure about a product, you should visit the outlet or store to try it and check it out in person.

7. What is the Battery Life of the Vehicle?

Does battery life refer to the amount of range a vehicle can achieve on one charge? Yes, I am talking about how long the battery lasts before it needs to be replaced with a new one. A large number of companies do not mention this, nor do they provide information on the replacement or maintenance costs of an electric vehicle.

8. Does the Vehicle Requires a Gas/Petrol/Diesel as Backup Plan

A longer-range EV can be driven with routes planned on a road trip, but family road trips are stressful enough without experiencing range anxiety. When you visit out-of-town relatives or friends frequently, or if you travel beyond the range of your vehicle, you’ll want a gasoline or hybrid car to share the garage. EVs should have the option for a backup vehicle. You may also rent a conventional car or SUV if you wish to go beyond your comfort zone.

9. Should You Buy New One or Old One

If you choose one of the imported EVs, it is much more expensive than the higher variants. Those made in Pakistan are the cheapest and are sold at the lowest price. Since EVs cost more to manufacture, they also sell at a higher price.

Again, I will answer this question the same way. Pakistan’s market for EVs is very new, and only a few manufacturers have introduced electric bikes in Pakistan so far. Pakistan does not have any second-hand or old electric bikes for sale.

10. Should You Buy Online or Offline

You are welcome to search online or contact the manufacturer if you need spare parts or just a few components for an electric vehicle. I would strongly discourage you from ordering an EV online. It is best to buy these things at an outlet, store, or franchise. Such products are expensive and the company does not deal with the customer online as they deal at their doorstep.

Final Words

Before buying an electric car, electric bike, electric cycle, or electric scooty, think about what you need and what you want. Electric vehicles are not very common in Pakistan, so do some research to find a good brand. Make sure you know what you’re getting into and what the costs will be.

Electric bikes have some benefits and some sacrifices. The benefits are that they are good for the environment and they are easier to ride than regular bikes. The sacrifices are that the batteries need to be replaced every 1 or 2 years.


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