Loop LiquidCool Technology Introduced by Xiaomi With Twice the Heat Dissipation Capacity of VC

Loop LiquidCool Technology: Smartphones nowadays are so powerful that they can handle pretty much any task thrown at them, including serious gaming. If there are increased levels of heat caused by boosted performance, you need to make sure the device remains smooth for users. They might not mind a little extra warmth while playing their games but prolonged exposure could burn them eventually.

Xiaomi has unveiled an advanced heat dissipation technology in the form of Loop LiquidCool Technology. The Chinese multinational consumer electronics company claims that this breakthrough was inspired by high-tech cooling solutions like the ones used in aerospace.

Loop LiquidCool Technology


The Loop LiquidCool Technology uses a capillary effect to draw liquid cooling agent to the heat source, vaporizes it and then disperses the heat efficiently towards a cooler area until the agent condenses. This cycle is repeated over and over again in the unidirectional closed-loop channel.

The system works efficiently by simply transferring the heat from one end of the device to another. Placed at heat sources, the evaporator has a device cooling fill that turns into a gas when under high workload.

CV Systems

Loop LiquidCool Technology
Loop LiquidCool Technology Introduced by Xiaomi

The Loop Liquid Cool Technology also makes it possible to stack it in any kind of internal design. Xiaomi gave an example showing that a square-shaped loop will provide more space for the camera and battery.

In a press release, the company claimed that this technology would be able to offer superior cooling capabilities as compared to similar products available in the market. The company plans to start selling this Loop LiquidCool Technology-utilizing product next year during the second half.


Xiaomi has just announced that the company is now the first to support liquid cooling technology in the smartphone industry, which not only has excellent heat dissipation capacity, but also supports the high-end desktop GPU. The cooling system is called “Loop LiquidCool”, which Xiaomi claims that it has twice the heat dissipation capacity of VC (Vapor Chamber).


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