GTA Trilogy Remastered Release Date, Gameplay, and Price Revealed

GTA Trilogy Remastered release date is here and we can’t begin to describe how good it looks. Rockstar has just released the trailer and it looks like they’ve done an amazing job at updating these classic titles while making them look smoother than ever! If you thought Grand Theft Auto V was epic, you should check out the video below because your jaw is going to drop.

The collection will also include many additions intended to complement the experience. Another feature for franchise fans is a new control system that enables players to more easily shoot, stealth, or maneuver the way they’re most comfortable.

GTA Trilogy Remastered Release Date

GTA Trilogy is the short name of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is all set to launch on November 11 same as PUBG: New State is set to be launched on November 11. The GTA Trilogy Collection will be available for the following devices through the Rockstar Games Launcher.

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PC

GTA Trilogy Remastered System Requirements

OSWindows 10 64-bit
Windows 10 64-bit
ProcessorIntel® Core™ i5-6600K / AMD FX-6300Intel® Core™ i7-2700K / AMD Ryzen 5 2600
GraphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 760 2GB / AMD Radeon R9 280 3GBNvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB / AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB

GTA Trilogy Remastered Gameplay

GTA Trilogy Remastered Price

The price of GTA Trilogy the definitive edition is $59.99 (£54.99) and this collection can be purchased and played via Rockstar Games Launcher.

Availability for Mobile and pre-order

This collection’s physical release is set to be on 7th December. This trilogy is also coming to mobile phones in Android and iOS in the first half of 2022. To pre-order the GTA trilogy, you need to go Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition from Rockstar Games’ official website.

Graphics Improvement

The remastered versions of GTA games will be made by Grove Street Games using the Unreal Engine. The studio completely rebuilt each game from the ground up using the engine to ensure that all of the games are identical to their modern counterparts. And if that weren’t enough, Grove Street Games has also revamped not only the control schemes but added new weapons and vehicles as well!

All three versions of the game will feature an upgraded lighting system, enhanced shadows, weather, reflections, character and vehicle models, high-resolution textures, etc. These changes are designed to make your overall experience much more engaging because it’s difficult to play a game if there are glitches in the graphics or if it’s not good-looking enough. The PC version features support for Nvidia DLSS which will help make things run smoother on older monitors since the higher resolution graphics will be easier to manage by trading quality for performance.

Taking a look at the game’s trailer, it looks like the game might have a cartoonish vibe to it similar to Fortnite. The game will be accessible to both Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now subscribers on December 7th.


Rockstar has finally provided us with much better and many improved graphics, lighting, weather, reflections, character, and vehicle models in the remastered version, but the collection became very high due to which we need at least 45GB of free disk space to install this collection. Undoubtedly, we will have fun playing such games were played in our childhood. We hope you like the article and update you about the upcoming GTA Trilogy collection. Feel free to comment below if you want to learn more about this topic.


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