Facebook is Now Meta, Changed Oculus Name Too

The decade-old social network Facebook now has a new name: Meta, Inc. The biggest changes in the company’s history were announced at the Facebook Connect 2021 event.

The company is focusing on the metaverse, to create a next-gen model of social media that can deliver messages and information to people globally in an efficient manner. Up until now, messages were sent through social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, but there was no ‘network’ in place which quickly delivered messages across the ether. The change highlights Facebook’s desire to connect people across its own network with open source hardware using artificial intelligence.

Facebook is Now Meta

According to the company’s official statement, Meta Company has rebranded itself as a social technology company that will focus on creating virtual reality and augmented reality experiences coupled with its Oculus VR headset line and AR.

To correct the misunderstanding, Facebook will keep its name. Nevertheless, they are introducing a new name to their system, too. They have chosen this new name in order to help revise their image online after so many promising situations were failing for them.

Virtual reality experiences have been trending for a while now and seem to be more popular than ever! Have you ever explored virtual worlds like Second Life, World of Warcraft, Sword Art Online, or Sansar? They allow users to create immersive experiences that include everything from playing games that connect fantasy characters with the players themselves to wearing different types of clothing that comes in the form of accessories and overalls.

The new Meta Inc has said that there will be no immediate changes to the company’s corporate structure. However, Q4 of 2021 will introduce new Family of Apps and Reality Labs segments. Meta will also trade under the new MVRS ticker in the stock market as well from December 1.

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We don’t have any idea what will be the impacts of changing the company’s name. Facebook should have been used the same name for his new product launches and other structural changes but there must be something different and big coming from Meta after its major change.


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