DiSTI’s Trailblazing Virtual Maintenance Training Solutions For The Aviation Industry

DiSTI is the leading virtual instrumentation and training solutions provider for companies specializing in Aviation. DiSTI offers quality experiences and professional services that cater to military and commercial customers helping clients enhance their skill transfer effectiveness, boost knowledge retention, and provide experiential training in real-time, data-driven applications.

Our Virtual Maintenance Training development platform, VE Studio®, boosts engagement through interaction, resulting in higher efficacy, retention, and training scalability. VE Studio® allows you to take advantage of the latest developments in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, desktop, and mobile technologies through Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud-Based Technological Solutions. DiSTI’s VE Studio® enables you to develop and deploy projects to any device with added flexibility.

As the leading Virtual Maintenance & Operations Training Development Platform, we have perfected the process of managing the development of complex virtual training solutions over the past fifteen years. DiSTI remains the world’s leading provider of Virtual training solutions catering to Aerospace & Defense companies worldwide.

VE Studio® provides powerful productivity tools and processes vital to bringing any virtual training project to life. DiSTI’s VE Studio® is a commercial off-the-shelf solution that renders all competing toolsets in the market ineffective. VE Studio® offers unparalleled value that is ideal for both maintainers and operators.

From Prototyping to Full-Scale Development, VE Studio® is the end-to-end solution that streamlines your production process, driving your success with a proven platform. DiSTI combines the resources of VE Studio® with Unity to facilitate the development of complex training solutions.

DiSTI’s proven process includes requirement identification and analysis, source data collection, virtual environment development, automated software build, and regression testing. It allows you to build a virtual training prototype in a few hours and then scale it to a complete production system with thousands of procedures.

VE Studio® is designed to allow rapid prototyping and iteration and is robust enough to handle the most straightforward part-task trainers and the most complex equipment such as aircraft and weapons systems. It will enable you to create virtual instrumentation that meets your design specifications and application requirements.

VE Studio® Benefits

Accelerate The Development of Immersive Training

VE Studio® is the most proven virtual solution development platform for creating 3D virtual training solutions and is one of the best custom virtual and augmented reality application development service providers.

Immersive Commercial & Military Training Applications

VE Studio® facilitates rapid prototyping enabling you to scale your training across an enterprise quickly and cost-effectively. The leading Virtual training solutions development allows you to create complex and immersive commercial and military training applications offering the flexibility to deploy to many devices.

Instructor Operator Stations (IOS)

DiSTI’s VE Studio® allows you to repurpose graphical content into IOS, repeater panels, and after-action-review stations for maximum benefits.

From Prototyping to Full-Scale Solutions

VE Studio® allows you to build a virtual training prototype in a few hours and then scale it to a complete production system with thousands of procedures. DiSTI’s VE Studio® software allows you to take advantage of the latest developments in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud Technologies.

Customer Testimonials


The Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site provides a one-of-its-kind Virtual Maintenance Trainer for the UH-72A Light Helicopter Repairer Course at the Silverball Army Heliport. More than 20 UH-72 Lakotas can be found at the Arizona Army National Guard and the Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site. 

The UH-72A aircraft are used daily to assist civil authorities and support U.S. Customs and Border Patrol along the Southwest border. Furthermore, these aircraft require regular maintenance higher than most army aircraft.

The UH-72A aircraft is registered with the Federal Aviation Administration and is owned by the Army and the Army National Guard; that needs to be maintained to FAA standards of flight safety, making the training and maintenance of these aircraft challenging with a need for strict monitoring.

The DiSTI Corporation built a Virtual Maintenance Trainer consisting of 12 workstations that enable students to familiarize themselves and practice maintenance tasks before opening a door or hatching the physical aircraft. DiSTI’s Virtual Maintenance Trainer facilitates the training program for maintainers from the Army National Guard, Reserve, and Active Duty components.

DiSTI’s VMT offers a virtual practical exercise interactive workspace designed to support the performance of UH-72A maintenance tasks to task standards. Leveraging DiSTI’s expertise enables the Army to conduct training on large screens, desktop size screens, and mobile devices.

The Virtual Maintenance Trainer got successfully implemented at the WAATS in Marana, Arizona, in early 2016 and resulted in the graduation of its first class of trainees. The key to DiSTI’s success in UH-72A VMT development lies with the use of DiSTI’s VE Studio® software tools that offer an end-to-end solution for requirement analysis and traceability, design, development, and test.

The DISTI Corporation’s Virtual Maintenance Trainer is equipped with instructions on 66 essential maintenance tasks. DiSTI’s VMT provides a familiar digital platform that facilitates connection with the new generation of soldiers by harnessing technology and learner-centric teaching strategies. The Virtual Maintenance Trainer is robust to teach nearly 100 students annually and shows promise to train more than 150 student pilots and other aircraft maintainers.


The EC-145 is a class-leading twin-engine helicopter serving vital roles from firefighting to internal and external load transport. The helicopter, the leading best-value solution for aerial work through its advanced cockpit design and mission flexibility, is now equipped with a 21st-century virtual maintenance training application.

The DiSTI Corporation has developed a fully immersive 3D virtual maintenance training application for this inventive and relied-on helicopter, enabling the EC-145 maintenance technicians to carry out maintenance fault isolation and failure analysis seamlessly. 

DiSTI utilizes its most trusted and versatile virtual training solutions development platform, VE Studio®, to develop the VMT application that allows graphical models to be used within associated courseware and subsystem PC simulations.

The pioneers developed the EC-145 Virtual Maintenance Trainer application in fully immersive 3D virtual maintenance trainers. After years of extensive research in the virtual technology industry, DiSTI’s EC-145 training material remains unmatched, offering maintenance technicians an immersive, engaging, and comprehensive training solution.

The EC-145 training system offers organizational level 5 maintenance in inspection, rigging, operational checkout, troubleshooting, and repair of aircraft systems. The maintenance experiences provided by the EC-145 VMT include:

  • Stunning fully-immersive 3D virtual training environments.
  • A revolutionary intelligent tutoring system.
  • Comprehensive Instructor/ Operator applications.

The EC-145 virtual training environment includes 28 unique hand tools, 31 petroleum, oils, lubricants, sealants, and adhesives, 71 pieces of ground support, and 28 consumable item categories, including split pins, cable ties, and lock wire, and six top-level interactive schematics that enhances the learning experience.


DiSTI is the leading provider of turn-key and customized HMI software and 3D virtual maintenance training solutions specially designed for embedded target systems, desktop, and mobile systems, and Virtual and Augmented Reality systems. 

DiSTI’s products and services have been pioneers in the advancement of UIs and virtual maintenance training for Global 500 companies, military organizations, and commercial clientele worldwide. Contact us today to learn more about our virtual training solutions.


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