Twitch’s Entire Critical Data Leaked, Includes Streamer Earnings, Source Code

Twitch’s entire critical data leaked in a recent hacking attack. Previously Facebook data was listed on the dark web for selling. Twitch, the internet’s largest video game streaming platform and its code have fallen victim to a hacker. After an unknown culprit managed to penetrate Twitch’s sensitive data and servers and pilfer its source code along with other significant info, the streaming giant is scrambling to address the matter.

The leaked document containing critical information about Twitch first appeared on 4Chan. The file weighs in at 256GB, and it’s available to anyone who chooses to download it using the torrent protocol.

Amazon-owned streaming giant Twitch has reportedly been made aware of a data leak involving the personal information of users and it is, according to VGC, in the process of notifying those affected.

The Reason Behind the Leak?

Of course, let’s face it, the stream of Twitch being hacked was bound to attract some lurkers. That’s surely what happened in this case when a 4Chan user claimed that they had been behind the hacking into Twitch’s records. In a post on 4Chan, the anonymous user stated that “it felt so good helping to destroy such a toxic community,” suggesting that their true motive was to “foster more disruption and competition in the video streaming space.”

What’s Leaked in This Data Leak?

Twitch's entire critical data leaked

Furthermore, there are also personal details of consumers in the Twitch data leak. If you’re a Twitcher, better change your passwords and enable two-factor authentication. In contrast, much of this information won’t affect an average Twitch user. However, users can now see how much money their favorite Twitch streamers are making.

Furthermore, the anonymous leaker says that the latest Twitch breach is just the first part of the leak. When it comes to streams, users may experience some technical difficulties or stutter streaming issues.


This has been a bad week for Twitch, one of the world’s most popular live-streaming sites. A hacker was able to access one of Twitch’s servers and leaked the entire database, including the personal information of users. The hacker got into the system using a vulnerability in one of Twitch’s partner sites, which was then able to access the entire Twitch database.

The leaked data includes the personal information of users, including their addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and encrypted passwords. The hacker also managed to get access to the entire Twitch source code, which means if the channel is not running well, you might not even know it.


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