Xiaomi 12S Ultra Beats iPhone 13 Pro Max in Gaming Test

Gaming smartphones are designed specifically for playing games. Some flagship smartphones are capable of running high-end games at full speed. One example is the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, which outperformed the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max in several categories. These included graphics, battery life, and CPU/GPU performance.

Apple’s Chipset

Apple’s A12 Bionic chip is said to be the best-performing mobile processor ever made. Its performance is even better than the top-of-the-line desktop processors. The A12 Bionic can also run multiple apps at once, something that wasn’t possible before. The A12 Bionics also offers many security features like hardware encryption and secure enclave technology. Apple claims that the A12 Bionic is twice as fast as the previous generation A11 Bionic.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max Gaming Test

The Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 2 chipset is an upgrade from the previous generation. It is claimed to run cooler and faster than any other mobile processor currently available. The Extreme Performance Test results showed that the 12S Ultra runs at higher frame rates (average of 637 fps) than all other smartphones of 2020. It also does not result in overheating when running at a very high frame rate. This was one of the improvements from the previous generation. The smartphone was the hottest among all the smartphones tested. These included flagships like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, and the Galaxy Note 10+.

Xiaomi 12S ultra graphics | Tech Taalk

A15 Bionic chipset powered iPad Mini 6 delivered a higher frame rate than Xiaomi 12S Ultra. Seeing how the 12S Ultra compares to other flagships will be interesting to see from Geekbench. With a 6.73″ OLED display and 67W charging support for its 4,860mAh battery, the 12S Ultra’s main camera sensor is larger than most smartphones. There are several other impressive features on the smartphone, and it costs around $900 equivalently.

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