Microsoft Launches Surface Laptop Studio An Amazing Flagship Device

Microsoft Launches Surface Laptop Studio: Microsoft Surface is a touchscreen computer series with whiteboard controls. The majority of the Surface line-up is powered by Intel processors and runs Windows 10. The devices are developed by traditional equipment manufacturers including Pegatron and are designed as premium devices that set examples for Windows OEMs. The tablet consists of 7 generations of hybrid tablets 2-in-1 detachable notebooks and various accessories and varying configurations in different form attributes. The Surface Duo runs on Android apart from the Surface Duo, which runs on the Microsoft Windows platform based on Intel processors.

Image: Microsoft

Surface Laptop Studio History

Surface devices made an entry into the laptop industry in 2012 and now surface studio computers machine are launching with amazing power and digital pen support. The surface slim pen provides you better support for the designs and writing. Surface adaptive kit, the touchpad of the laptop, hardware, keyboard, and USB ports comes as true flagship style. Here is a complete list of devices and their respectively released dates.

Windows 11 Compatibility

There are many devices that were introduced previously with ocean plastic mice, cool angles, removable displays, better screens, and thin laptops. But this device alone providing you all these cool features. This device is also compatible with Windows 11, actually build for particularly Windows 11. Here you can check the compatibility of Windows 11 with your device.

True Flagship Entry

Microsoft is keeping its Surface line alive and kicking – and we couldn’t be more pleased! The company has just announced a new addition to the Surface product family: The brand new Studio Laptop. It’s got everything the traditional Surface lineup has to offer but with added portability thanks to its sleek laptop-like design. Surface laptop studio starts in a premium price range.

Surface Laptop Studio Specifications

  • CPU
    • Quad-core 11th Gen
    • Intel Core H35 i5-11300H
    • Quad-core 11th Gen
    • Intel Core H35 i7-11370H
  • RAM
    • 16GB/32GB LPDDR4x
  • Storage
    • 256 GB, 512 GB, 1TB, 2TB (removable SSD)
  • GPU
    • Intel Iris X (Core i5 models) Nvidia RTX 3050Ti (Core i7 models)
  • Connectivity
    • 2xUSB 4 with Thunderbolt
  • WIFi
    • 6
  • Bluetooth
    • 5.1
  • Xbox
    • Wireless
  • Audio
    • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Display
    • 14.4-inch Pixel Sense (2400 x 1600) with Dolby Vision
  • Battery
    • 19 hours (Core i5) 18 hours (Core i7)
  • Camera
    • 1080p HD

Surface Laptop Studio Features

You can slide the display on the Surface Laptop into New and Creative Studio Mode by using the new Dynamic Woven Hinge. This new feature enables users to explore their creative genius, watch Netflix, do yoga poses, take in a movie, or play The Sims 3 in style! It also allows you to transform into a standard laptop when you need to catch up on your work at home or head into the office.

Image: Microsoft

You can turn your Surface Go into a slate by pulling it out to full-screen size. Slide-out the Surface Pen 2 along with the device by pressing the button on its lid, giving you more control over what you need to work on. Enabling you to paint freely or draw scribbles however you want to. With 1080p HD 1920 X 1280 resolution, sharper images are clear and easy to see across Windows 11, especially when using Windows Tools like Bing Search for example

Image: Microsoft

Surface Laptop Studio Price

The prices of some laptops begin at $1599.99 and it’s now available for pre-order in select markets, but the laptop will start shipping from October 5 alongside the release of Windows 11.

Final Thoughts

Today Microsoft announced the launch of their brand new Surface Laptop. The Surface Laptop will be replacing the Surface 3 which was the last device in the Surface line that was an ultra-portable laptop. The Surface Laptop is a lightweight, well-designed laptop that offers the performance of the Surface Pro but in a smaller, more portable form factor.


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