Best Internet Providers for Gaming 2022

The majority of the population worldwide has been dependent on the internet, whether it’s for shopping for clothes or streaming their favorite movies. Now that we’ve reached the generation where almost everyone plays at least one online game, may it be on a mobile or personal computer, there will always be a continuous search for the best internet for gaming. With the increasing population of online games, internet service providers have been finding a way to attract online gamers by including gaming-minded features and promotions in their internet plans. So, if the right provider serves your area, you might be in for a treat.

Smooth online gaming requires three things—high-end gaming equipment, the online game itself, and a fast internet connection from a reliable internet provider. Without all three, you cannot enjoy your gaming experience as you should. In this article, we’ll talk about the best internet provider for gaming this 2022 to help with your search.

Top 4 Internet Providers for Gaming This 2022

Let’s take a look at the leading internet providers this year and see what they have to offer to optimize your online gaming experience.

1. Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is not new when it comes to being one of the best internet providers for anything at all. With their 100% fiber internet, they promise 99.9% reliability. If you’re focused on prioritizing your entertainment needs, they offer 5G plans starting at $35 per month with unlimited data. On the other hand, their fiber internet plans start at $39.99 per month for 300Mbps upload and download speeds.

Whether you’re a mobile gamer or a PC gamer, Verizon can offer you something from their incredible lineup. The only disadvantage Verizon has is that the internet plans they offer do not go beyond a gigabit, unlike their major competitors like Google Fiber and Xfinity. Nonetheless, the offered speeds are still decent for smooth online gaming.

2. AT&T

AT&T Fiber is one of the best internet services for gaming. Their high-speed internet plans start at $35 per month for the first 12 months without data caps and contracts. You can also enjoy different freebies and bonuses once you sign up with AT&T, such as a $200 Visa Rewards card. AT&T is also one of the most reliable fiber optic internet providers in the US, so it’s never a bad choice to go with them.

When you sign up for AT&T’s fiber internet plan or upgrade your current DSL plan to any of their fiber internet plans, you can enjoy free Stadia Pro for six months. After that, you can avail of Google’s premium gaming service for $10 per month, inclusive of exclusive discounts and 4K HDR video output. AT&T’s collaboration with Stadia is one of their competitive edge over their competitors.

Aside from the free Stadia subscription, AT&T also offers subscribers a Chromecast Ultra media streamer and a Stadia controller bundle for only $20—an ultimate deal as Google offers the same bundle for $100, saving you a whopping $80.

3. Spectrum

Spectrum offers cable internet that covers at least 38.3% of the US. They currently have three internet plans ranging from $49.99 to $89.99 for a year, with the maximum advertised speed at 1,000Mbps. The biggest advantage of Spectrum internet for gamers is their no data cap policy. Its major competitor, Xfinity, limits its users’ data allowance to 1.2 TB a month while charging an extra $30 per month for unlimited data.

The unlimited data is a dealbreaker, especially since most online game files and updates use a significant amount of data. Spectrum also does not impose a monthly rental fee for the modem, but you will need to pay for the Wi-Fi access fee except if you have a store-bought gaming router. Nevertheless, Spectrum is one of your best choices if fiber internet is not available in your area.

4. Cox Communications

Cox has successfully established its name to be one of the biggest cable internet providers in the US and the sole provider that offers an online gaming-dedicated feature. Cox Elite Gamer focuses on reducing lag by automatically determining faster routes to the server you’re trying to connect, providing you with a smoother gaming experience.

Elite Gamer is excellent for numerous PC games, including Dota 2, Diablo 3, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), The Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD), Fortnite, GTA V, League of Legends (LoL), Minecraft, PUBG, and many more. It’s also easy to use the service, as you only need to download the Elite Gamer application to your PC, login using your Cox username and password, and voila—you’re all set.

This service also supports multiple sessions simultaneously, so even if you want to play with your friends or roommates, they can also download the Elite Gamer app and play at the same time as you, so you can both enjoy lesser ping and jitter.

One caveat: if you choose to have Elite Gamer for free by renting the Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway, you should be aware that the Panoramic Wifi Gateway broadcasts a second public Wi-Fi network that can be used as a hotspot by others nearby. Unfortunately, that feature is on by default, but you can turn that off by logging into your profile. Other than that, Elite Gamer is unmatched when it comes to internet service for gaming.

Final Thoughts

With the growing population of online gamers in the United States, internet service providers need to do something to keep up with the demand for fast, reliable internet for gaming. If you’ve been searching for the best internet provider for gaming, we highly recommend you consider those listed above. Check what’s currently available in your area, and see if they have any special offers for you. In most cases, they will likely offer you different sign-up bonuses, such as gift cards, discounts, free subscriptions, and many more. The only factor that’s stopping you from having access to these best internet providers in the network coverage. So, begin your search today to optimize your gaming experience!


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