A Complete Guide on eSIM and How it Works in a Smartphone

A traditional SIM is generally a little plastic card that fits inside your smartphone. It is a technology that has been used for years and stores information such as your phone number and contacts. It lets you call, text, and download data with ease.

But with growing technical advancements, eSIM has started to take over and will gradually replace the physical SIM card. Many network providers are eradicating the need to use traditional SIMs and are offering new digital SIMs for the latest smartphones.

But what exactly is an eSIM, and how can it be used in your smartphone? Here is everything you need to know about eSIM technology. Read on!

What is an eSIM?

The eSIM or Electronic Subscriber Identity Module is a virtual SIM that intends to replace the physical SIM card. Many mobile operators help activate your phone with cellular services without changing your device’s actual SIM card. An eSIM is smaller than the size of a nano-SIM and is installed on a device’s motherboard.


That addresses the most common inconvenience, purchasing a dual SIM smartphone or new SIM cards. With an eSIM, you can use your phone with dual or many SIM cards and easily switch, manage, and change them using an app. And we all want high-end smartphones that are powerful and dynamic in use, right? So switching to eSIM is a great start.

There are other devices that also employ eSIM technology these days, such as tablets, smartwatches, and PCs. The digital SIM allows you to access mobile connectivity from different cellular operators.

How Does an eSIM Work?

An eSIM is attached directly to the motherboard of a device. And using an app and online services, you can easily connect and manage up to five mobile networks at once. You can use different phone numbers and mobile data services on a single device.

This technology comes in handy when traveling overseas. Instead of purchasing a new SIM for travel, you can switch to another mobile operator using an eSIM. It will help in using local mobile operators’ services when abroad.

Which Smartphones Support the eSIM Feature?

eSIM Supported Smartphones

Apple’s devices, starting from the iPhone XR and iPhone XS to the iPhone 13 series are eSIM compatible. In android, you will find devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, Samsung Galaxy Z, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 3, and Motorola Razr compatible with this technology.

Many other devices like Samsung Galaxy Watch Series, Apple Watch Series, iPads, and laptops support eSIM compatibility.

What are the Advantages of eSIM?

  • While regular SIM cards need to be inserted every time you switch to a different mobile operator, eSIM makes things easier. You need to scan a QR code to activate your cellular network.
  • An eSIM enables you to switch networks much more quickly because it eliminates using a physical SIM card. That means you won’t have to go to a store or wait hours for a SIM card. Just select a service provider and connect to their mobile network.
  • The eSIMs keep several profiles, and you can switch between numbers and mobile networks without having to disable accounts permanently. This function comes in handy while traveling because it allows you to stay connected no matter where you are.
  • The eSIM is usually a more cost-effective option than using international roaming.
  • The traditional SIM cards take up more space in a smartphone. And since eSIMs are smaller in size, this leaves room to incorporate extra features like a larger battery or a quicker CPU.

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