Samsung Galaxy S22 Design Leaked; Look Familiar to Note Series

Samsung Galaxy S22 Design: Samsung Galaxy S22 is the most awaited upcoming flagship device from Samsung. Rumors were floating around the internet that there had been a problem with some early samples of the phone which would have proved a significant setback for the company, especially with their rivals being so active in the high-end segment lately. Samsung Galaxy 22 rumors and leaks, mostly on Twitter, have revealed some design details.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Design Leak

The most well-known leakers Ice Universe and Jon Prosser exposed the design of Samsung’s S22 series. It’s likely that this design is for the Galaxy S20, which you can see in this photo. It looks strikingly similar to the Note model.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Front Display Leaked Image
Image: LetsGoDigital

The front side of the phone shows a punch-hole with a minor bezel’s edge display. The sides of the phone are very similar to the previous models and the material may be steel or aluminum. The bottom side of the device shows USB-C charging port and the space for S-Pen.

The backside is a little different, this is the major update that Samsung has changed from the S21 series. We had experienced bumped camera on the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, but this device comes with a flat back design, the cameras are inside the phone and the back is flat.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Bottom Side
Image: LetsGoDigital

Samsung has taken an impressive initiative and removed the bump from this device, but the sensors protrude is out at the back. If you ask me about this change. I would rather like the previous design more likely. Anyone would be afraid of putting this device on the table or any other surface pattern because camera glasses can be scratched. If you drop it without a protective case, the camera glasses can be shattered.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Back Side
Image: LetsGoDigital

On the backside of the device, there are 5 sensors that can be seen. One of those sensors is the laser autofocus, another one must be the periscope as there is a square shape inside the circle. Other rumors according to the leaks the finishing is in a matte black color not more than a glossy Samsung logo at the back.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Bottom View
Image: LetsGoDigital

Samsung Galaxy S22 Specifications

We are not totally sure about the specs, but we can expect that Samsung will use Snapdragon 888+ or the newly introduced chipset by Qualcomm which is Snapdragon 898. The RAM should be 16GB and 1TB internal storage. LetsGoDigital has shared some of the renders, they have colored the devices how they’ll look exactly.

Image: LetsGoDigital


So we know the design of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22, but we don’t know when it will be launched.  I know we’re all excited and we hope to see the original product soon.  I hope this blog has helped you in some way and if you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us anytime in the comments. Thanks for reading, we hope to see you again!


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