Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Coming With Amazing Features

According to a recent patent application that was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, we could soon see a Samsung Galaxy Note 22 device with a built-in camera in the S-Pen. This patent was filed by Samsung about a month ago and it presents us with a device with a built-in camera in the S-Pen and a secondary camera on the device itself. This is certainly an interesting device from Samsung and it’s not hard to see why Samsung is experimenting with this.

There are still many rumors about Samsung’s Note series, some people say it will launch in the future and some of them say Samsung has killed its note series and there will be no Note series available in the future. LetsGO Digital has surfaced a patent for Samsung’s upcoming Note series device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Leaked Patent

Samsung Galaxy Note 22
Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Patent

Wireless Camera in S-Pen

These are the patents leaked by LETSGO DIGITAL which show that Samsung is planning to introduce a wireless selfie camera inside the S-Pen, for a future-proof true notch-less display.

Wireless Camera in S-Pen of Samsung Galaxy Note 22
Wireless Camera in S-Pen of Samsung Galaxy Note 22

Samsung’s latest patent submission shows the company is looking to add an interesting new higher-end feature to its next Galaxy Note series phone: a smart S Pen. This intriguing addition would allow Galaxy Note users to take pictures with the stylus when it is pulled out of its holder and even offer better control when used as a remote wireless camera lens when in DSLR mode in some situations.

This new and improved version of Samsung’s iconic pen is just another example in a long line of examples where we can see that the South Korean giant isn’t willing to rest on its laurels and sit around just polishing last year’s model forever. Samsung wants all of us held hostage for years by their ever-evolving smartphone technology!

Final Words

This is a very exciting time at Samsung. The company has been making amazing devices for many years now, and the Galaxy Note 22 is no exception to this rule. This phone will be the first of its kind and will feature a new and very exciting feature. The camera will be built-in into the S-Pen and will be able to take pictures and record video without ever having to take the phone out of your pocket.

This will allow you to take photos and videos at a moment’s notice. Many people may think that the new Note 22 will be too big to take with them on a daily basis. However, Samsung has designed the Note 22 to be only slightly larger than the Note 20, and it will be just as thin and sleek as the Note 20 is. We can’t wait to get our hands on this device, and we hope you’ll be able to get one too.


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