6 Best Free QR Code Generators in 2022

Due to the boom in on line charge strategies, QR codes have emerge as increasingly more vital in our daily lives. The majority of organizations use these codes to sell their groups and to allow multiple fee methods. So, we will test some of the pleasant loose QR code generators right here.

Users need certain features to meet their needs, such as the potential to generate dynamic QR codes, tune scanning hobby, customise, and many others. If you use the proper application, all the above might be possible. In order to make your existence easier, we’ve chosen the first-class QR code mills available there.

QR codes are fast becoming one of the maximum famous advertising tools out there. Why? Because they offer a easy and easy manner on your audience to get entry to your content material or contact you directly. There are many amazing unfastened QR code turbines to be had, so it is critical to select one that suits your desires. Once you have observed a generator that works for you, upload codes for your advertising materials!

Consider the features of the generator earlier than downloading and the usage of it. Try developing QR codes for distinctive purposes – such as social media posts, internet site links, and greater! Keep in mind that QR codes are not only for advertising substances – you can also use them for monitoring records or monitoring consumer behavior. So, some thing your advertising and marketing needs may be, ensure to feature a QR code on your arsenal!

What is a QR Code?

A QR code generator is a web utility that lets in you to create QR codes to your internet site or weblog. These codes are specific and may be scanned with a cellular device to take you directly to the desired page or article on your internet site or blog. To make certain you have the first-rate effects, ensure you have got the proper software hooked up before producing your first QR code. There are a number of free and top rate options available on the internet, so select the only that fine suits your needs. Once you’ve got the app mounted and configured, begin generating codes and see the distinction it makes on your website traffic!

There are diverse purposes for which they can be used, including establishing authentication, We use Wi-Fi passwords to make on-line bills, affirm logins, and proportion Wi-Fi passwords with one another. You also can test our different article on creating a QR code the usage of a generator.

6 Best Free QR Code Generators in 2022

QR codes have become an increasing number of famous on social media. Not most effective are they a extraordinary way to share facts, however they may be also a exceptional way to sell your internet site or blog content. There are many free QR code mills available on line, so finding the best one is easy. You can also use them to create custom QR codes to your blog or internet site content. Additionally, ensure to generate QR codes at some stage in the month of September, as that is the nice time to accomplish that.

Beaconstac’s QRFree
Paid: $5-$99/month
Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator
The-QR-Code GeneratorFree
Ad-free: $12/month or $60/year
QR-Code MonkeyFreeqrcode-monkey.com
QR-Code GeneratorFree
14-day free trial
Paid: $5.28-$39.63/month
Paid: $9.96-$11.95/month
Paid: $7-$37/month

1. Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator

Beaconstac's QR Code Generator

This QR Code generator solution enables businesses of all sizes to scale up their marketing efforts quickly. It comes with top-notch security features such as enterprise-level SSO, GDPR compliance and is SOC2 Type 1 & Type 2 certified.

Moreover, with Beaconstac’s QR Code generator, you can create different types of QR codes based on the requirement and even make them in bulk with just a click. The QR Code platform is extremely easy-to-use and can be used without prior knowledge of creating QR Codes.

You can create both static and dynamic QR codes with Beaconstac. Not just that, you can also create digital business cards with QR Codes using pre-made and custom template options. They offer custom plans from enterprise solutions and numerous integrations for a smooth operation.


  • Google Analytics integration
  • Custom QR Code generation
  • Bulk QR Code creation
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Live tech support
  • Multi-user access
  • Dynamic QR Code API
  • Unlimited static QR Codes
  • Three Dynamic codes
  • API support for websites


  • Google Analytics integration is only available in their PRO plan.

2. The QR Code Generator

The QR Code Generator

QR code generator is a completely beneficial tool for agencies of all sizes. It allows in creating splendid QR codes that may be used in various marketing campaigns. QR code generator has an smooth-to-use interface, making it quick and simple to create codes to your website or weblog, as well as for advertising functions.

It is possible to update these Dynamic QR Codes at any time. Additionally, they provide statistics about where and how often QR codes are scanned. Additionally, users will have unlimited access to scans and codes. It is possible to customize QR codes with unique colors and logos.


  • Free dynamic codes
  • The app supports URLs, text, contacts, PDFs, email, phones, and SMS messages.


  • Each time it scans, it displays an advertisement
  • Options for customization are limited

3. QR-Code Monkey

QR code Monkey is a consumer-pleasant QR code generator that could help organizations increase emblem cognizance and grow their patron base. It has a user-friendly interface and can generate QR codes in minutes, making it best for quick campaigns. Moreover, unfastened updates make certain that you have the present day functions and traits at your disposal.

You can use QR-Code Monkey’s codes unlimited times, even for commercial purposes. Additionally, you can print QR codes in high resolution. It is possible to create QR codes using QR Code Monkey using vector platforms such as PDF, SVG, and EPS.

A QR code can be customized with a customized design, color, image, and logo. Additionally, QR Code Monkey provides a QR Code API powered by RapidAPI for professional use.


  • Commercial use of scans is unlimited
  • Multi-format support
  • High-resolution QR codes for print


  • Only paid plans offer dynamic QR codes.

4. QR-Code Generator

QR-Code Generator

QR codes are a great way to promote your brand or product. They allow you to gather valuable data from your audience and strengthen customer loyalty. Make sure you use them the right way by creating high-quality codes that will capture attention and convert them into leads or sales. Once you’ve created your code, make sure you share it with as many people as possible!

Not most effective will this help growth exposure to your commercial enterprise, but it’ll additionally construct social proof which may be pretty beneficial in positively influencing decision-making procedures. Make certain you have got the right software program so that each one of these efforts come collectively seamlessly – making QR code marketing one of the most efficient strategies to be had today for increasing visibility and achieving goal audiences

For a better understanding of its advanced features, we recommend that you try its 14-day free trial. QR codes can be customized with your logo if you purchase the pro version. Furthermore, PDFs can be displayed, code designs can be changed, multiple URLs can be encoded in a single code, and various stats can be tracked.

Their API is also available to professional users. Subscriptions that automatically renew, uninformed upgrades, and poor support have been complaints from many users.


  • QR codes that are fully customizable
  • Various formats are supported by dynamic QR codes
  • Logo display
  • User-friendly


6. QRStuff


QR codes are a extraordinary manner to marketplace your business and keep song of product income. By the usage of them for advertising purposes, you could target precise demographics with relevant messages. They also are quick scanned by means of mobile devices, making it an easy way to reach out to ability clients. When creating and coping with QR codes, make certain that you have the proper software program – there are many alternatives available on-line. Additionally, QR codes may be used as a monitoring tool for products or services – keeping tabs on patron conduct in actual time!

You can without difficulty create a QR code with a step-by way of-step manual. Unfortunately, best PNG and JPG formats are supported by the unfastened version. A QR code may be scanned a maximum of fifty times totally free.


  • No sign-up required
  • Free Dynamic QR codes
  • Easy to use.


  • Buggy
  • Free QR codes have limited scan

5. QRTiger


QR code generation is an essential part of any content marketing strategy. QR codes are tiny images that can be scanned with a phone to access information or download files. qrrtiger is the perfect tool for creating high quality QR codes quickly and easily. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started, and its range of features make it an invaluable resource for businesses of all sizes. Including barcode scanning and text editing capabilities, qrrtiger makes it possible to create custom QR codes specifically for your business needs!

With the paid plan, you can unlock more features, but the free version is also not bad. With a data tracking system, you can track your scans and create your own QR code templates.


  • Free trial
  • Three Dynamic codes
  • API support for websites


  • 100 scan limit
  • Old website design

Best QR Code Generator (Other Honorable Mentions)

Nine QR code generators were tested, but some were unable to make it for one reason or another. Hence, consider them honorable mentions.

  • Visualead
  • Scanova
  • QRcodedynamic
  • ForQRCode

On this listing, maximum of the offerings are unfastened, but they provide unique features. What form of provider is best for the consumer depends on their needs. Would you want unlimited scans or dynamic QR codes that may be modified at any time?

You can choose the best free QR Code generator based on your needs after deciding how to use them.


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