Here’s Why Xiaomi Blocked Its Phone Users in Some Regions (Access Restored)

The news was very hot last week that Xiaomi smartphone users were in some selected countries like Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Crimea, and North Korea. Here is the answer to why Xiaomi blocked its phone users, the ban was introduced in order to curtail the illegal activities of resellers who smuggle Xiaomi devices into unauthorized regions. The selling of these devices in these restricted regions is against their export policy, and they had stated then that it was part of this policy designed to prevent customers who purchase them from gaining access to customers who live there. Here is our previous article on Xiaomi’s smartphones ban.


Xiaomi has said that their investigation to determine whether or not the smartphones had been smuggled into prohibited regions like Cuba, Syria, Sudan, and a few other countries is ongoing. This move is seen as a measure aimed at preventing resellers from selling Xiaomi devices in these prohibited countries.

However, buyers who bought their devices in regular markets and are using them in these prohibited ones can now continue to use their devices. Indeed, a country like Cuba on the list of banned countries will account for up to 15% of active smartphones in each market. Disconnecting those who now own Xiaomi devices from those markets would disrupt many people.

Final Words About Why Xiaomi Blocked Its Phone Users

We see more and more manufacturers of Android phones and tablets restricting the use of their devices in specific regions. Xiaomi devices are known for their affordable prices and large selection of phones and tablets. Xiaomi recently started restricting its devices in all regions except China, and the move has caused many fans of the company to become upset.

We hope that Xiaomi can see the backlash they’re receiving and will be able to re-enable the use of their devices in these regions. We want to be able to provide articles on Xiaomi and other news and rumors relating to this company and others like it. If we can’t do that, we can’t provide you with the content you need and deserve.


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