Apple iPad and iPad Mini 2021 Features – Everything You Need To Know

Apple has launched Apple iPad and iPad Mini 2021 also Apple Watch Series 7 along with the launch of the iPhone 13 series. We are gonna discuss the detailed features, specifications, and price justification. Apple launched its first iPad on April 3, 2010, which was the first-generation iPad, now apple has launched its 9th generation iPad and iPad mini on September 14, 2021.

Apple iPad and iPad Mini Features

Apple iPad and iPad Mini got really amazing upgrades from Apple. Below are the details you should see.

iPad Mini 2021

iPad Mini
iPad Mini


The iPad Air & Mini both have displays that are larger than average, and can easily fit in most humans’ hands. These new tablet releases allow the user to have a full HD resolution with a 50% brighter display, as well as Touch ID which is present in the power button.

iPad Mini 2021 Display
iPad Mini 2021 Display

Apple Pencil Support

Apple pencil support is now enabled for iPad Mini. You can use them and for charging this pencil attach it to the side of iPad mini 2021.

USB C Connectivity

The iPad mini just got an upgrade which includes a new charger that works with USB C. The USB C charger will allow for charging and data transfer.

Better Camera

Camera capabilities are key to the future of mobile computing, and the new 12MP camera sensors are an important step in giving customers better quality photos. The iPhone 8’s main rear-facing camera is now 12MP with True Tone Flash, great for taking stills or bringing out the best in low-light conditions.


iPad mini has a Dolby Audio system that comes with upgradable lenses to change the viewing angle of the holographic model. It also features an A8 chipset, which contains an upgraded CPU causing it to run 40% faster than its predecessors. Thus resulting in a better overall performance of 80% for its GPU compared to A7 chipsets.

iPad Mini 2021 Price

The price of the iPad mini starts from $499 (Rs.84,500/- PKR).

iPad 2021

Apple iPad 2021
Apple iPad 2021


The 10.2″ iPad gets a new display that’s even 20% more vivid than last year. It has a True Tone Display which changes with the sunrise and sunset.

Apple iPad Display
Apple iPad Display

Battery and Charging

With every purchase of the latest iPad, you get a very special 20W USB-C power adapter. It supports fast charge and will be able to give your battery a full charge in under half an hour! This charger is so powerful it can give you up to 20 hours of use on a single charge.

Smart Keyboard

The iPad is very handy and it comes with lots of new features which can be used if one so wishes. It supports a wide variety of keyboards due to its ability to be easily interchangeable!

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is one of the most loved accessories for any iPad. So it’s no surprise that you’ll love seeing Apple Pencil come as a companion to such a price-friendly iPad as this one!

Better Camera and Chipset

Apple ramps up the iPad 2021 with an 8MP back camera that takes your pictures just like it did before, but adds to the front camera’s musical number with its Center Stage feature. This iPad also comes in storage options of 64GB and 256GB backed by a 20% faster A13 Bionic CPU.

iPad 2021 Price

The price of the iPad mini starts from $329 (Rs.55,500/- PKR).

Final Words

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