What is the True Tone Function and How to Restore it?

What is iPhone True Tone?

iPhone true tone, Apple’s official description is “uses advanced multichannel sensors to adjust the color and intensity of your display…to match the ambient light so that images appear more natural.”, but it is actually adjusting the white balance of the screen according to the ambient light to reduce eye irritation, but this is definitely will affect color reproduction. An extreme example is the night view mode, the entire screen turns dark yellow, which is indeed more comfortable in the dark, and has nothing to do with “color accuracy”.

True Tone Function

The true tone is a function of the iPhone X and above series screens. Apple artificially sets this function after ios12. The true tone function needs to identify the identification code of the screen (the identification code is similar to the ID card, and every part of the iPhone has Identifying the inner code and identifying the outer code is similar to the role of human DNA and ID cards, allowing the system and the factory to determine whether it has been replaced. Judgment replacement)

So when our mobile phone screen is replaced, the original color function will disappear.

How to Restore the True Tone Function?

In fact, the way to restore the true tone is very simple, only needs two steps,

1. Extract the identification code of the original screen,

2. Burn the identification code of the new screen, and enter the new identification code

True Tone Function

Can the Display True Tone Function Be Used as the Basis for Whether the Screen is Original?

No, because we often restore the true tone function. This technology has now been popularized. The refurbished screen, half-original screen, OEM screen, and high copy screen produced by third parties… also show true tone function through the above steps. If the iPhone does not have the true tone function, there may be a screen replacement, but it does not mean that the screen is not original, because the true tone function cannot be displayed when the original disassembled screen is swapped, this is related to the identification code, not the screen quality.

True Tone Function

In the mobile phone parts market, the TS8 screen is widely praised for its excellent performance. The TS8 premium screen can also display the true tone function. From the test, the screen automatically adjusts the color temperature according to ambient light. In addition, this screen has a lot of brightness:

  • Rich color saturation
  • Excellent Saturation And Clarity
  • Premium backlight
  • 360°view Angle
  • 120Hz touch refresh rate
  • No dust, no black spots.

When we compare the TS8 iPhone 8 screen with other quality screens (OEM, Aftermarket), you will find that the TS8 screen color display performance is very perfect, it is definitely a good choice to replace this screen for iPhone.

True Tone Function


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