Here are 8 Features You’ll Love About the Pixel 7 Camera

Google simply introduced its maximum awaited Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones. Google’s Pixel smartphones usually are high-cease, and each yr they push the bounds of smartphone images.

Google’s Pixel smartphones have the top class feel and appearance that Samsung and Apple’s flagship smartphones have, but Pixel smartphones have the edge in relation to performance, digicam nice, and software. Here are a number of the capabilities that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro have that we cherished.

Pixel 7 Camera Features

If you’re within the marketplace for a new digicam, the Pixel 7 is probably the ideal alternative for you. This camera has plenty of features that make it a fantastic desire for absolutely everyone searching out a high-quality camera of 50MP + 12MP rear digicam =.

First, the Pixel 7 has a first-rate rear-view digicam. This camera permits you to see what’s in the back of you even as you’re taking photographs or filming, that’s useful if you’re filming some thing and need to make sure that you do not by accident hit a person with your camera.

Next, the Pixel 7 has a exceptional the front-going through digital camera that has a ten.8MP sensor. This digicam is ideal for selfies and video calls, and it has a extensive-angle lens that makes it clean to capture a big location.

Last, the Pixel 7 is a terrific camera for photography. It has fast autofocus and a well-designed digital camera app that makes it smooth to take brilliant photos.

1. Magic Eraser

If you’re searching out a camera that has a lot of bells and whistles, the Pixel 7 may be the only for you. Not only does it have a notable digital camera, however it also has a Magic Eraser function that makes it extraordinary smooth to erase any undesirable object and person from your photos. For example, in case you are taking a photo of a person and a person randomly got here into the body on foot by way of, you could effortlessly remove such a person with the aid of the use of the magic eraser.

The distractions that you can have to your picture may be eliminated, which includes trash cans, vehicles, posters, and plenty of extra. The Google Photos app gives hints on how to take away those distractions. A single element may be eliminated or they can all be removed right now.

2. Face Unblur

With the Pixel 7 camera, Google has upped its sport yet again through adding a face blur function to the camera. This is a brilliant addition for anybody who desires to take first-rate photos while not having to fear approximately the face searching blurry. Face Unblur may be a high-quality device for making pics of human beings clear if they’re taken throughout shifting people or gadgets.

Using both the ultrawide and foremost lenses, the Pixel combines each pix. In phrases of functionality, it is not anything new, however what makes it so staggering is how seamless it works without any layout abilities required.

3. Cinematic Blur

One of the new features of the Google Pixel 7 digicam is Cinematic Blur. This characteristic allows customers to create a smoother, more blurred video look. To use Cinematic Blur, first, make certain your digicam is about to “Cinematic” mode. This may be done by way of establishing the camera app and tapping at the equipment icon within the top proper nook. From here, you could toggle between “Standard” and “Cinematic” modes.

Once you are in “Cinematic” mode, you’ll want to set the blur stage. To do this, tap at the menu icon within the pinnacle left corner and pick out “Settings.” From here, you may see the “Cinematic” tab, and you may see the “Blur” alternative on the proper. You can alter the blur stage with the aid of sliding the bar up or down.

Once you’ve got set the blur degree, you’re geared up to start filming! Just make certain to maintain the digital camera constant and recognition on the situation you need to capture, and also you ought to be true to go!

4. Quick Tap to Snap

Another feature of the Google Pixel 7 camera is Quick Tap to Snap. This function lets in you to quick take a image by simply tapping the display once. This is superb if you want to take a image of some thing quick while not having to preserve down the shutter button.

The Quick Tap to Snap feature is a special feature made mainly for Snapchat users, which allows them to quickly get entry to the Snapchat camera from the lock screen in their Pixel device and take a photo with out establishing the Snapchat app itself. Your Pixel device can be activated by way of pressing and protecting the returned of the device for two seconds.

5. Motion Mode

If you are a pictures fanatic, you may need to test out the Google Pixel 7 camera’s Motion Mode. This function lets in you to make your photographs sense like they may be running or shifting in movement.

To use Motion Mode, simply open the camera and choose the Motion Mode option. This will show you a listing of various options, along with Slow Motion, 1080p Slow Motion, and Super Slow Motion. Once you’ve got selected a mode, the digital camera will begin filming or taking pix in that mode.

Overall, Motion Mode is a without a doubt cool characteristic that may be useful for taking pictures special moments in motion shape.

6. Guided Frame

In order to allow people with visible impairments to take selfies while not having to depend on some other character to do it for them, Guided Frame is a new digicam accessibility function that allows them to take a selfie.

It does this by means of studying the placement and angle of your face after which the use of audio instructions to guide you on a way to trade those settings with the intention to get the great shot for you by mapping the viewfinder. This manner, you do not need to fear approximately tapping the shutter button, as the telephone routinely takes the shot.

7. Photo Unblur

If you are looking for a function that sets the Google Pixel 7 apart from the opposition, look no similarly than the Photo Unblur. This feature is just like Face Unblur it allows you to eliminate any blur from your images, although they have been taken in low mild situations.

This is a first rate function for folks who are often compelled to take images with a lot of blur due to the conditions. It can be a real trouble to try to eliminate the blur in publish-processing, and the Photo Unblur characteristic makes it a great deal less difficult.

Not best does the Photo Unblur characteristic make photographs look higher, however it additionally reduces the amount of time needed to edit a image. If you are someone who loves to spend much less time editing snap shots, the Photo Unblur function is a have to-have.

8. Super Res Zoom

When it involves the Google Pixel 7 digital camera, one of the nice capabilities is Super Res Zoom. This mode permits you to take pictures and motion pictures which might be as much as 2x larger than what is normally viable with normal photography and films.

Here are a few pointers to get the maximum out of Super Res Zoom:

  1. When taking photographs or videos with Super Res Zoom enabled, make sure to hold your frame size as small as possible. This will assist to hold the document size down and make the photographs and motion pictures look smoother.
  2. When taking pics or films with Super Res Zoom enabled, make certain to hold your difficulty close to the camera. This will assist to reduce the amount of cropping that needs to be completed in order to suit the whole photograph or video within the frame.
  3. When taking pictures or films with Super Res Zoom enabled, make sure to apply a tripod or use a steadier hand than you will whilst taking pictures or videos with out Super Res Zoom enabled. This will assist to reduce the quantity of shaking that is resulting from the digicam during the taking pictures manner.
  4. When taking pix or films with Super Res Zoom enabled, make certain to apply a mild source that is brighter than the environment around you. This will assist to make the pictures and films look clearer and more practical.


These phones are technically the ones that Google lovers have been watching for. Google has stepped up its sport with these capabilities and is making iPhone and Samsung fanatics take note. All of the features we referred to paintings flawlessly and assist you to take awesome snap shots after the replace. We desire this helped you examine extra approximately the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones. If it did, please remark beneath!


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