Windows 11 is Not Working Well With AMD Ryzen SoCs, Fix Awaited Later This Month

Windows 11 is not working well with AMD Ryzen chipsets. The much-awaited and the biggest transformation that was due from Microsoft has finally rolled out officially. Windows 11 is here and is living up to the hype however only if your PC supports it. Unfortunately, for some computers powered by AMD Ryzen CPUs, performance can drop by up to 15 percent in select situations.

Apparently, Windows 11 users with an AMD CPU have experienced some performance issues. One issue appears to be that the L3 latency has seen a significant increase by 300 percent which may lead to lower performance of up to 5 percent. Apparently, there is also an issue within certain games that could see performance reductions up to 15 percent that was created mainly for the eSports community.

Windows 11 is Not Working
Windows 11 Widget Screen

Windows 11 is Not Working Well

AMD’s second new feature is called “preferred core” technology. It will try to shift threads over to the fastest cores on its processors. AMD has cautioned its users with more than 8 cores about TDP where the performance issues are more noticeable.

Well, the good thing is that both AMD and Microsoft are already on to it and have stated that they are “actively investigating these known issues for resolution via software updates.” There are two updates, a Windows update and a software update, that are lined up for later this month to resolve these ongoing issues with many systems. Or you can at least try upgrading your old system to Windows 10.


Definitely, Windows 11 is a major upgrade but it has many flaws, especially on our personal try it feels laggy and puts an undue burden on the PC. This version of Windows by Microsoft still has many bugs, required higher ram and high-end PCs to perform well, but in normal PCs and even 8GB ram, it lags. We hope Microsoft will fix the issues very soon. If you want to know anything else, please feel free to comment below.


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