Top 9 Different Type of Online Calculators You Can Use to Solve Problems

No doubt online calculators make calculations very easy and fast. Everyone who is actually weak at mathematics can now use a huge bunch of calculators and applications available online. One of the best facts about all these online tools is that there is no hustle and bustle created In the results. You get the outputs that exactly match your problems. A large community of scholars around the globe is highly dependent on these online calculators to comprehend various conceptual techniques like finding limits, resolving calculus queries, and many others like that. If you are one of them as well, then this read is specially arranged for you as well.

9 Different Type of Online Calculators

Here we will be discussing a few best online calculators that have changed the way of learning and understanding calculation criteria.

Let’s take a look!

1. Prime Factorization Calculator

Whether you are stuck in finding factors of a number or any integer, let this prime factorization calculator tree do this all stuff for you in seconds. Yes, you would not believe that whatever you give it a number, you will be provided with an instant and detailed prime factorization tree for that number. is its parent provider.


  • Fast accessing speed
  • Accurate results
  • User-friendly interface


  • No proper calculator usage guide provided
  • The concept is not highlighted
  • Complex numbers can not be factored
  • The calculator is limited to real numbers only

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2. Fraction Calculator

The best and only ratio calculator is provided by the most trusted website that is Yeah, now every basic maths calculation in fractional form is just a few taps away to be converted into outputs. All this could be made possible by this free-to-use fraction calculator with variables. Also, when you are involved in finding limits that involve fraction expressions, this calculator also helps you in doing that.


  • Outstanding speed
  • Precise and instant results
  • Detailed calculation display
  • You can download save results in PDF form
  • You can also share results with your colleagues


  • Takes a couple of more seconds to generate accurate results but best than all others

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3. GPA Calculator

As the name signifies, this calculator is being in use by most educational institutions to keep a record of the student’s performance. Now the scholar’s compiling of results is made fast enough by using this online tool for sure. This calculator is also known as GPA calculator college and GPA calculator university.


  • Fast speed
  • Easy to understand interface


  • Errors may be involved in the calculations which is a lag

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4. Online Graphing Calculator

Gone are the days when we were actually used to drawing graphs of mathematical expressions by hand. Now the free graphing calculator online is providing these services for pupils and professionals around the globe. Provided by the most trusted


  • You get a detailed scenario of the graph
  • Each and every parameter is highlighted and mentioned
  • Different color schemes are involved to distinguish the elements
  • You can zoom the graph to analyze each and every minute detail involved


  • Slow speed
  • Hangs on poor internet connection
  • Can not share results or save them

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5. Maths Calculator Online

Mathematics is just like a roller coaster ride by sitting on which you are taken through the swings of various techniques. Being the sibling of every educational field, this calculator is the one that is continuously providing the best computation for every basic query. Now you could easily resolve various mathematical calculations in moments like finding limits, integration computation, and other techniques like so. The parent source of the calculator is


  • Superfast speed
  • Exact calculations


  • Cannot simplify rational and complex algebraic expressions

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6. Percentage Calculator

The most important factor to consider in mathematics. Every business is relying on percentage calculations for profits and losses and this is where the free percentage calculator increase or percentage calculator difference comes around. Being widely used worldwide, this online tool has become the most reliable computation source for everyone. The parent source is


  • All types of percent calculations can be performed
  • Extra fast speed


  • Not available offline
  • Lows down when heavy calculations are performed

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7. Percent Error Calculator

Are you stuck in making business calculations or finding the percent profits or losses? Then you are reading the right read now. This free calculator is specifically designed by various brand websites and helps you to figure out precise calculations of investments, earnings, and many more. Not only this, but you can also go for finding limits involved in percent error calculations by this tool. What a pack! No? Now if you are thinking of starting a new business or doing some important computations that you do not want to get disturbed due to an error, try using this free tool. The best brand site against this calculator is We can also call it mean absolute percent error calculator.


  • Instant and precise calculations
  • Error-free results 
  • Free of cost-sharing and unlimited downloading of results


  • Being the best calculator, it is just changed by poor internet connection and nothing more 

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8. Modulo Calculator

It is true that understanding modular arithmetic may be a daunting chore. Most of the pupils do not get the right calculation criteria to determine the modulo of any number. But let the tension go now as the free modular calculator is doing all this stuff for you people. The brand provider is This calculator allows its users to comprehend the complexity involved in the division process and lets you carry on your computations smoothly and fast enough.


  • Detailed calculations
  • Remainder calculations
  • The extra super fast speed will make you amazed


  • The interface is not so friendly and confusing
  • Hangs when more complex calculations are carried out

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9. Long Addition Calculator

As the name of the calculator signifies its importance, we will be elaborating a little more here. As you know addition is the mathematical operation that is involved in almost every life aspect. So to carry out the summation of any set of numbers, this online calculator has been designed and proposed by calculator soup. Now whatever you want to do like finding limits, resolving various complex maths calculations, this tool is the one that stands out. 


  • Immediate outputs with step by step calculations
  • Displays results in a blink of an eye


  • Slows down when extra-long addition is carried out

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Wrapping It Up

Everyone needs a calculator to carry out calculations in a fast manner. Many brand sites are in a continuous battle of providing the best useful calculators and tools online to carry out computations smoothly. Some of those best calculators have been discussed in this reading. We hope that this read is going to be of definite benefit for you all!


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