Top 10 Best Android Launchers 2022 Edition

The native android launchers that come with the device are not the best android launchers or we get bored of them after some time. So we have created a list of the top 10 best android launchers 2022 edition for customization of your device and give it a new look as per your requirements. The most asked question is what are the best android launchers? and we have the answer to that question. Below is the list of the best launcher for android apk apps.

Best Android Launchers 2022 Edition

There is no definitive answer to this question, as everyone’s needs and preferences vary. However, some popular Android launchers that may be available in 2022 include: Nova Launcher, Action Launcher 3D, Aviate Launcher, Zooper Widget, launched simple home and MiniHome, but we have sorted the best android launchers apps, a better list for you mentioned below.

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. Lawnchair 2
  3. Niagra Launcher
  4. Microsoft Launcher
  5. Poco Launcher 2.0
  6. Apex Launcher
  7. Smart Launcher 6
  8. Hyperion Launcher
  9. Baldphone Launcher
  10. Ratio Launcher
  11. iOS 15 Launcher

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Interface
Best Android Launchers 2022 Edition

Nova Launcher Prime is a highly customizable home screen and app launcher for Android that offers powerful features, like an unlimited number of folders and the ability to hide apps. You can also use Nova Launcher to create custom pages and grids, add icons and widgets, control app appearances, and more. Nova Launcher is available on Google Play for free, while the Nova Launcher Prime comes at a 5$ price with more customizable options.

An Android launcher developed by Samsung Electronics. It features a “user-friendly interface”, quick access to applications and settings, smooth animations, two home screens, supports mobile themes and customizations, PIN protection, gesture-based controls, icon support.

Why use Nova Launcher?

  • Unlimited customization options
  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.5
  • Downloads – Over 50 million
  • Price – Freemium $4.99

2. Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair 2 Interface homepage
Lawnchair 2 Interface apps page

Lawnchair does not offer many customization options, but it could you the best for managing notification and app icons. The workspace is divided into three main parts: Home Window which shows thumbnails of running apps that can be easily navigated with a swipe; Quick Launch bar, where information about icon, name or a Uri are all available at at-a-glance from there; and Everything section with common widgets like Android’s flashlight widget.

Why use Lawnchair?

  • Google Pixel-like experience
  • At a Glance and Google Feed
  • Customization options
  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.3
  • Downloads – Over 1 million
  • Price – Free

3. Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher Homepage Interface
Niagara Launcher Apps page Interface

The latest release from the creators of Google Experience Launcher, Niagara finally comes with a Material Design implementation. A simple launcher for those who love the simplicity and creating different layouts. This one is the best android launcher free of cost.

A launcher for the Android operating system by Google. The launcher includes a “smart search” feature that allows users to find and launch applications and documents by voice command. It also offers icon packs for more customization.

Why use Niagara Launcher?

  • Best lightweight launcher app
  • Stunning design
  • App search is super easy
  • The dark theme works very well
  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.4
  • Downloads – Over 1 million
  • Price – Free + in-app purchase for premium features.

4. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher Homepage interface
Microsoft Launcher Welcome Page

The best android launchers for seniors: A stylish launcher by Microsoft designed to work perfectly on Android devices that provides the experience of Windows 8, and Windows 10. This is the best option available for those who also own all of these consoles especially if you have a Pixel phone, which has a similarly updated design with very minimal customization options at this time. The Microsoft Launcher is the best android launcher for tablets as well.

Why use Microsoft Launcher?

  • Continue On PC
  • Sync between Microsoft apps
  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.7
  • Downloads – Over 10 million
  • Price – Free

5. Poco Launcher 2.0

Poco Launcher 2.0 Homepage interface
Poco Launcher 2.0 Apps page interface

Poco Launcher 2.0 is an updated, customizable launcher for Android that replaces the stock Android launcher. It has a sleek new design with a number of features and tweaks to make your experience on your device better.

Poco Launcher 2.0 is a light and fast launcher for Android that provides quick access to your apps and settings. It has a minimalist design with an intuitive user interface that makes using Poco Launcher easy and fun.

Why use Poco Launcher 2.0?

  • Fast and reliable
  • Sort apps by color
  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.6
  • Downloads – Over 10 million
  • Price – Free

6. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher Homepage Interface
Apex Launcher Apps Page Interface

Apex Launcher is a popular launcher for Android that offers a sleek, modern design. It supports all the standard features you would expect from a launcher, such as home screen customization, quick access to your apps and settings, and drag-and-drop app installation. Apex Launcher also includes some unique features, such as the “smart location” feature which intelligently determines where you are in order to best display relevant content on your home screen.

Why use Apex Launcher?

  • Sleek design with advanced features
  • Supports all standard features
  • App lock
  • Multiple gesuture options
  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.3
  • Downloads – Over 10 million
  • Price – Free/ Premium $3.99

7. Smart Launcher 6

Smart Launcher 6 Interface

This launcher is the answer to what are the best android launchers? Smart Launcher 6 themes are a great way to personalize your Android device and make it look different from all the others. However, some launchers don’t allow you to install them, or they only let you install one at a time. If you want to install more than one launcher theme, Launcher 6 is the perfect app for you!

With Smart Launcher 6, you can apply different themes to individual apps, your home screen, and even your dock. You can also create folders to organize all of your app add-ons.

Why use Smart Launcher 6?

  • Multiple theme support
  • App icons can be customized
  • Create folders for easy access to apps and themes
  • App Lock
  • App sorting (similar to iOS 15 App Library)
  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.4
  • Downloads – Over 10 million
  • Price – Free/ Premium $4.49

8. Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher Interface

Android Launcher allows you to customize your home screen and quickly access the apps and settings you use most. With a simple, intuitive interface, it’s fast and easy to use. You can also create shortcuts to apps and folders, add widgets, better wallpapers, app drawer, organize your home screen with customizable page styles, hide the status bar, and more.

Why use Hyperion Launcher?

  • A great number of customizations
  • Close to Pixel Launcher-like experience
  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.1
  • Downloads – Over 1 million
  • Price – Freemium

9. BaldPhone Launcher

BaldPhone Android Launcher Interface

BaldPhone is the best android launcher for seniors that is targeted towards people with certain disabilities. It’s open-source and designed to be fully iPhone accessible. The package comes with a home screen widget. It displays larger icons and features the necessary functions. The home screen can be customized based on the user’s preferences. This is the best Android launcher for older users without ads making use of some amazing features aimed at this demographic.

Since the Android launcher is open-source, there are no ads and developers claim, “it is purely a goodwill product.” While the app asks for a lot of permissions, it’s important to note that it’s open-source and maintained by professionals. As such, you can be sure there’ll be no harm to your data.

Why use Bald Launcher?

  • Open-source
  • Extremely intuitive
  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.4
  • Downloads – Over 10 thousand
  • Price – Free

10. Ratio Launcher

Ratio Launcher homepage Interface
Ratio Launcher apps page Interface

This is a launcher that mainly focuses on ratio app icons. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface, making it perfect for those who want an easy-to-use launcher with a lot of customization options.

It’s a very easy-to-use launcher that doesn’t require much to get started. You can change the app drawer, widgets, and other settings. It’s not too flashy but has a great feature set. It also has a grid-style similar to aio launcher featured icons.

Why use Ratio Launcher?

  • Attractive UI
  • Best to the de-clutter home screen
  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.3
  • Downloads – Over 100 thousand
  • Price – Free

11. iOS 15 Launcher

iOS 15 Launcher Interface
iOS 15 Launcher Interface

Many people find that iOS has a smoother interface and a better design. And thanks to Android’s customizations, you can switch your iPhone or iPad to use an iOS launcher. I think the iOS 15 launcher (Launcher) is by and far one of the best out there. Not only do you get customized icons, but your navigation will also be smoother.

It’s difficult to believe how close the dock is to the iPhone experience. With a long press on any app icon, you can see the menu of options that are typical for iOS. That way, it’s easy for people who are used to Apple devices to use the launcher. The launcher gives you the ability to customize your phone’s home screen, just like how you can on an iPhone.

Why use Launcher iOS 15?

  • iOS theme on Android
  • Google Play Store Rating – 4.6
  • Downloads – Over 10 million
  • Price – Free

Which is the best Android Launcher in 2022?

There are many great latest android launchers 2022 available on Android phones, but the one that stands out the most in 2022 is Launcher. It’s easy to use and has a lot of customization options, making it perfect for anyone who wants an easy-to-use launcher with a lot of flexibility.

If you are looking for any specific best android launchers 2022 edition for smartphones you cannot find them until you use them and try them yourself. You will read many descriptions and articles but most of them will explain the features that may not be useful or understandable. You need to avoid using third-party launcher android apps for a better and smooth user experience.


Are launchers good for Android?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question; it depends on what you are looking for in a launcher. Some people prefer launchers that keep all their app icons in one place, while others might prefer launchers with more features and customization options.

Do launchers drain the battery?

A launcher does not drain the battery until you use an untrusted launcher or modded launcher. Some of the heavy launchers also drain the battery.

Which is the best launcher application for Android phones?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone’s preferences will vary. Some popular Android launchers include Google Now Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Action Launcher.

Final Words

This list provides you with the most customizable best free android launchers without ads and the best premium android launchers. All of the launchers are unique and have beautiful customizable options. You just need to find the best suitable for you. Not all of them have all the customizing options as per requirements. The purpose of more launchers availability is their interface and choice of user. I hope you like the list and give us feedback after trying these amazing launchers for Android.


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