What Is iCloud Plus? Should You Upgrade From iCloud to iCloud+?

You might be wondering what is iCloud Plus or iCloud+? iCloud Plus is a paid subscription to Apple’s cloud storage. iCloud will give you up to 5GB of space for free on your iPhone & iPad. You can also choose iCloud+ for more storage.

Apple made iCloud Plus available on June 7, 2021, at WWDC. This update included a new storage plan for higher tiers of users and more protections against security breaches. Apple unveiled its new service for the general public, iOS 15, in September.

What is iCloud Plus?

iCloud+ gives you everything iCloud offers plus premium features including iCloud Private Relay (beta), Hide My Email, HomeKit Secure Video support, and all the storage you need for your data.

iCloud Plus Features

iCloud Plus is a generous storage plan that comes with a number of great features. Here are features of iCloud+:

  • Storage: Storage plans start with pricing for 50GB available at $0.99 per month. $2.99, 200GB & 2TB options also available starting at $9.99 per month.
  • iCloud Private Relay: Safari can help keep your location private when you browse.
  • Hide My Email: Remove your address & track messages from an email sender, set up link preview & webpage display. Create a new email address for certain contacts so that your real email will remain private.
  • Family Sharing: iCloud is a service that allows users to share their iCloud service with 5 family members.
  • HomeKit Secure video: iCloud+ plans allow you to connect up to 5 or up to unlimited cameras, depending on your plan.

Here is a complete country-wise pricing and features list you can see.

Should You Upgrade To iCloud+?

The main question is should you really upgrade to iCloud Plus? is it really worth it? and the answer is very simple, the storage of 5GB is definitely not enough for anyone. Everyone needs a better storage option of at least 50GB. The price is also not very high for such a storage option, even 200GB storage of iCloud+ is worth buying if love the data available on your phone.

iCloud storage requirements are the principal decision-makers for upgrading to iCloud Plus. Essentially, it adds more space and features to your computer that we offer at an affordable price.

You should rethink iCloud and look at some other alternatives that provide more storage capabilities to avoid unnecessary setbacks. If you are not using any alternative to iCloud, the iCloud+ is definitely the best and affordable choice. Paid plans are available to help you share them with your family. I also recommend HideMyEmail & Private Relay which are two good services to maintain your privacy online.

If you don’t use iCloud, you may not need iCloud Plus. For example, you’re able to get email-hiding features similar to that of Hide My Email through DuckDuckGo’s email protection.

How to Upgrade and Manage Your iCloud Storage?

Here is a short video about upgrading your iCloud storage to iCloud Plus and how you can manage it as well. Here is Apple’s official link to check the guide about upgrading and managing your iCloud storage.


As the first Apple service to be ever offered for free to all users, iCloud was a great addition to Apple’s suite of software. With iCloud Plus, however, Apple has refined its cloud service further, bringing users more opportunities to back up their data, as well as a few other perks. So should you upgrade to iCloud Plus? It’s up to you to decide, but you should be aware of the pros and cons before making a decision.


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