Samsung Tri Folding Phone Surfaced Again With More Details

Information regarding the Samsung Tri Folding Phone was rumored earlier with lesser information and specification details. This time the device is surfaced again with more details on Samsung are working on a new foldable device that could have displays that can bend 3 times. They’re still behind, but it’s not too late to catch up!

The companys newest patent hints that it is working on an original device that may soon be available for purchase. This also offers new details about the company’s newest phone. It has a paper-like screen that can fold in three, the name is Samsung Galaxy Tri-Fold or Samsung Galaxy Tri-Folding Smartphone.

According to the report by LetsGoDigital, the South Korean tech giant has submitted an extensive patent application to the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), which proves a tri-fold smartphone. The Tri Folding Samsung smartphone is being rumored around 2020.

Samsung Tri Folding Phone Patent

In the past, this brand has been reported as working on a tri-folding tablet as well. A new patent from Samsung suggests a smartphone screen that bends in a Z-shape. The company is yet to make an official announcement.

Samsung Tri-Fold Phone comes with some of the below features.

  • Rear Sub-Display
  • S Pen Support
  • Triple Rear Camera
  • Under-Display Camera
  • In-Display Fingerprint Sensor
  • HDMI Connector
Samsung Tri Folding Phone patent

After analyzing all of these press releases it sounds like they might be planning to design this triple folding device. The patent reveals many new features about the next generation of foldable phones. This phone has three screens that can unfold to become one large and seamless display. On top of that, this device features two hinges. One will fold inward while the other folds outward to form a “Z” shape, which is similar to previous patents. This new model is expected to have S Pen support, an in-display camera, an HDMI connector, and more.

According to market research, the company is currently the market leader in the folding smartphones segment. Samsung is looking to expand its presence by investing in folding devices to maintain its dominance. The brand has filed for several tri-fold patents which means it is likely they are working on one of them even further. It is currently unknown if they will release this device or not. This is a new step towards the revolution of technology.

Samsung Galaxy Tri-Fold Smartphone


As per the report, the Samsung Tri Folding Phone will have a flexible display with a hinge to fold the device into a smaller device with three folds. The device will also have three cameras with two on the front and the third on the back. The display will support 5G connectivity and the device will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon or Exynos. The Samsung Tri Folding Phone is expected to launch in 2022.


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