OPPO ColorOS 12 Rollout Plan for Q1 2022 is Here

OPPO ColorOS 12 rollout plan for Q1 2022 is here. The update for OPPO’s smartphones is getting better, so they were the first OEMs to roll out stable Android 12 to their phones in addition to Google and Samsung with another company following that soon after it rolled out. Continuing the timely update streak, the company finally decided to reveal its rollout plans of ColorOS 12 for Oppo smartphones for the Q1 of 2022 lineup with Reno, OnePlus, K, and A series devices.

This article looks at the mobile phones that will be upgrading to ColorOS 12 based on Android 12, the first phone on the list, the OPPO Reno5 Pro+ 5G and Reno5 5G, will be available from January 6th of 2022. These two phones, the Reno5 Pro 5G and the A95 5G will both get an update to ColorOS on January 17th and 20th.

OPPO ColorOS 12 Rollout Plan for Q1 2022

OPPO also has a program of beta testing for other devices. Starting next week, the OPPO Reno4 Pro 5G and the OnePlus 8 series will start a beta recruitment program in the near future, so if you want to get your device on the 5G network early, sign up for the program. Selected users will get updates sent to them.

The detailed Q1 2022 ColorOS 12 beta rollout plan is as follows:

From January

  • Reno4 Pro 5G
  • Reno4 Pro 5G 2020
  • Reno4 5G
  • OnePlus 8 Pro
  • OnePlus 8
  • OnePlus 8T

From February

  • Find X3 Pro
  • Reno3 Pro 5G
  • Reno3
  • Reno4 SE 5G
  • K9 Pro 5G
  • K7
  • A72 5G

From March

  • Reno7 Pro 5G
  • Reno7 SE 5G
  • A93s 5G
  • A92s 5G
  • A56 5G
  • A55 5G

The latest ColorOS 12 features come in the form of UI changes across the built-in apps and system settings. They are noticeable, even to users who may not have installed any updates at all. A lot of new features have been added to iOS, including Omoji and PC connect, Not all devices will get the latest version of ColorOS 12 at the same time.

China OPPO ColorOS 12 Q1 2022 rollout

China OPPO ColorOS 12 Q1 2022 rollout
Image: Gizmochina



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