Microsoft Triple-Screen Display ‘Surface Trio’ Patent Reveals

After the recent patent revealed by Samsung of triple-fold phone, the Microsoft triple-screen display patent reveals that the next Surface device by Microsoft will be a triple folding device and the expected device is “Surface Trio“. It seems that Microsoft loves their foldable devices and in particular, the Surface Duo 2. There are two separate versions of the dual-screen devices. Recently, a patent for a new Surface device has been found and it is rumored to have three screens.

Microsoft Triple-Screen Display ‘Surface Trio’

Patently Apple noticed that this patent was revealed on December 23, 2021, which indicates Microsoft was rumored to be working on a foldable device with three screens. This means the Microsoft Surface Trio 3 could launch as a triple-folding device by Microsoft.

The image is a patent illustration and does not need to be described in detail. The device features three different displays connected by two different hinges. A Surface Duo 2 with an extra display and a hinge.

Microsoft Triple-Screen Display 'Surface Trio' Patent Reveals

However, while this product has a lot of potentials, there might be one slight issue with it. One of the displays needed to always be exposed, while the other three would fold inwards. The third display will likely be an external one for Surface Duo 2. Some might call this a problem and others might see it as a sign of progress. We’re interested to hear your opinion!

Furthermore, The patent talks about the Surface Trio as a multi-panel display device with three screens. A multi-panel display device is a two-dimensional screen that can display a series of images in rapid succession. Most hardware with such capability is able to present frames at over 120 Frames per Second (fps). For instance, it is possible to have multiple software application windows on separate display panels on the screen at the same time.” says this document.”

Microsoft’s Surface line has fallen behind in terms of popularity, but the company may still be bringing out a Surface-related product. The worst-case scenario is that this would be a shelved project.


Microsoft has always been working on some visionary devices and the Surface series is one of its profit-making projects that worked in favor of the company. We are now expecting a number of foldable devices from Microsoft that will be known as Surface Trio which would come with three screens.

In fact, it would be a true companion for you when you are working on your projects but at the same time, it would entertain you with your favorite TV shows and movies. The rumor goes that foldable devices are the future gadgets for all those who dream about getting more out of their gadgets.


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