Realme under-display camera phone – Patent Revealed

Realme under-display camera phone is on its way for manufacturing. We have seen a new patent regarding this smartphone. Realme couldn’t stop itself from working on such tech when other brands have already launched the same product. Last ZTE was the first brand to launch its Axon 20 5G smartphone with an under-display camera and this year Samsung & Xiaomi launched their Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Mi Mix 4 with under-display camera technology.

As per the report of The Mobile Hunt, realme has filed a patent for an under-display camera. The smartphone is a fullscreen design that shows an in-display selfie camera and also an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Realme under-display camera phone patent

Realme under-display camera phone patent
Realme under-display camera phone patent
Realme under-display camera phone patent
Realme under-display camera phone patent

As we see in the images, the patent shows the volume button located on the left side of the phone, and the power button is located on the right side. This upcoming device has a triple camera setup on the backside. Its top edge is barren, we can also see a USB-C port and a SIM card slot. There are some antenna lines available on the top, there is no 3.5mm audio jack that can be seen on the bottom.

In the month of September, Realme China CMO Xu Qi shared the image of a phone without a notch or punch-hole via Weibo post. The post admin replied in the comments of the post that the patent has no pop-up camera system. He may have been teased a prototype of an under-display realme phone.

A smartphone without notch and punch-hole display

The future is definitely very innovative even in the smartphone industry and we hope we’ll see more under-display camera smartphones from other brands as well next year. Realme would be the first brand to launch an under-display camera smartphone in 2022.


Realme is a new brand under BBK Electronics and a direct competitor of Xiaomi. We have already heard a lot about it because in less time realme has achieved more than what they would have expected. The phone maker company will be launching its first under-display phone at the starting of 1st year and as per the previous leaks, it will be a selfie-centric smartphone. Looks like the company has now applied for a patent for under-display camera technology.


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