WhatsApp Exciting Feature ‘Global Voice Message Player’ is Planned to Add in WhatsApp

Global Voice Message Player Feature is coming in WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a messaging app whose newest interface feature is a voice message player. The company has been working hard to build an even better experience for users here lately by improving the settings that allow users to choose when messages disappear from their chat conversations. They’ve also added a privacy setting, which allows users to decide which contacts they don’t wish to share details about themselves with.

WABetaInfo, a reliable source of information about WhatsApp updates, has reported that the company is currently working on a feature that will allow users to listen to voice messages even when they’ve left the chat in which the voice message was sent originally. It’s being currently tested on Android.

Whatsapp Global Voice Message Player

Once you listen to the recording, it will be pinned to the top of the application. It will always be visible in any section of the app, and you can pause or dismiss it at any time. This feature sounds useful when listening to long voice messages as you reply to other chats. It can be doubly productive if this global voice player works similarly to a music player and plays even when you are not in the application!

Global Voice Message Player
Image By: WABetainfo – Global Voice Message Player Feature

WhatsApp is also testing a new feature that will allow users to fully customize the colors of their status bar. Once released, it will be seen on both iOS and Android devices. However, WhatsApp may alter or improve some features before its official release. WhatsApp is testing several changes to the local playback interface that has been out for quite some time now including an option to view your album art at all times but these small yet significant quality of life issues are being worked on as we speak.

Adding More to Global Voice Message Player

Recently, WhatsApp has also been adding much more privacy to the app. This was likely to make up for the controversial changes to its privacy policy. WhatsApp previously got a lot of praise for introducing a privacy policy that would improve overall privacy. Now that the whole thing is out, you might find this list useful if considering making a switch!

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WhatsApp is working to amaze its users with new features frequently. Now WhatsApp is planning to introduce the Global Voice Message Player feature for its users, which sounds very interesting until we test and then write a review about this feature. We have provided you with all the information regarding the global voice message player feature of WhatsApp. If you have any further questions, please comment below to ask. Thanks.


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