Microsoft Edge RSS Feeds on Windows -Microsoft to Revive a Classic Feature

Microsoft Edge RSS Feeds is a new feature. Microsoft is starting to release an RSS-powered “Follow” button, which will allow you to be constantly up to date with your favorite websites without having to manually check each one. This way you stay up-to-date with the most recent updates on your favorite sites. Microsoft has added native RSS feed functionality to Edge Canary Windows builds. They’re also looking into integrating the feed with Collections.

Microsoft Edge RSS Feeds

Technologies like Google News or Microsoft News are taking RSS’s place. RSS is still used by many online aggregators, though.

All algorithmic news sites such as Google News, Google Discover, and Microsoft news offer the latest content to users, and people have been looking for ways to curate their news feeds. We currently don’t have a way to sign up for RSS feeds, but there are a few different ways: You can use RSS readers like Feedly or sign up for web apps.

“You may know this already, but we’ve added back the AdBlocker feature in the new Google Chrome for Android!

Microsoft’s implementation for this feature is called “followable web” and it is currently in the process of rolling out to select users running Edge Canary. 

“You’ve heard it right,” Google said when the feature was reintroduced in Chrome for Android.

This Feature is called Followable Web

Microsoft has debuted “followable Web”, a new feature that recently appeared on edge canary. This experimental feature has just been rolled out as one of the components of Microsoft’s controlled beta test. The flag in order to enable this Chrome extension is currently circulating through the high levels of their team and if it continues working well without bugs, they’ll decide whether or not to make the option available for Edge users.

Referring to itself as “the most personalized web experience,” Followable Web is a timely new service that helps users discover fresh updates from their favorite websites directly within the toolbar or via the online collections panel (where you can see site updates and articles in a modern feed).

Microsoft Edge RSS Feeds - Microsoft Edge Followable Web Feature Interface

Microsoft currently making improvements to Edge’s RSS feature. One of these changes includes the fact that for the time being, it can be accessed by tapping on the “Collections” button in Edge’s sidebar. In the future, we hope to move the feature into a toolbar button of its own so you’ll need to look out for that and update your feed subscriptions accordingly. Now you know what to expect as we continue working on making this app even more useful!

Microsoft introduced a lot of improvements in their latest Edge browser update, but one of my favorites is the new “Follow” button. This allows users to automatically read updates from certain sites throughout the day.


In the latest update to Windows 10, the Edge browser now supports RSS feeds. These feeds make it easy to stay up to date with the latest news and updates on your favorite blogs and websites. We hope you enjoyed our blog about Microsoft Edge RSS Feeds!


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