NADRA Has Spent Millions Of Rupees On Apple iMacs Just To Use Browsers

The National Database & Registration Authority Pakistan (NADRA) spent millions on iMacs. The only thing the iMacs are being used for is running browsers, which to be fair, they do well. However, the Windows operating system is pirated that is being used in these iMacs. However, ProPakistani asked them a few answers.

National Database & Registration Authority Pakistan (NADRA)

National Database & Registration Authority Pakistan (NADRA) LOGO

NADRA is the National Database & Registration Authority in Pakistan. It maintains an extensive database of individuals’ personal information, which is used for administrative purposes. All of your national records and legal documents are available through NADRA. From your birth certificate to the National Identity Card. For such a powerful network, one would imagine that they would use top-notch hardware to ensure optimal performance. So here’s how Nadra spent millions on iMacs.

NADRA Spent Millions on iMacs

For a big agency, not investing in good equipment is unusual – that’s why it’s worth spending millions of money on high-quality gear. But what NADRA does will make you question the nature of reality. They after spending literal Millions on Macintosh computers, they use pirated Windows to use software like browsers or Microsoft Office.

Yes, NADRA should use these powerful computers for assessing tasks like video editing, 3D rendering, code compiling, etc. It’s also reasonable to use Apple systems for Apple-exclusive software to achieve higher quality output, but a basic internet browser is available on any computer running Windows. These statistics show that Pakistan has a lot of NADRA offices and everyone has at least one Mac: this combined statistic shows that there is a big budget for Macs across the country.

Apple's imac

NADRA is a heavily data-oriented organization and for this reason, only a simple PC is enough to handle NADRA’s everyday use. Data entry, data monitoring, biometric input, and the basic tools NADRA uses are all handled with ease on any PC. However, ProPakistani reached out to the person in charge. NADRA’s chairman Mr. Tariq Malik gave this response.

“Previous management took some decisions, which I can’t change. ProPakistani questions are pertinent and we already have started a process of improving and replacing lagged infrastructure and software. We have stopped buying Apple and iMac machines. Apple systems are mainly bought by our project donors like the World Bank or any other agency. When they fund projects, they buy things of their choice.”

NADRA’s chairman Mr. Tariq Malik

He also made it clear that by the end of 2022 most piracy will be gone with one exception. The use of pirated software will still be criminalized.


The government of Pakistan is spending millions of rupees on Apple’s flagship product just to browse the internet. This is a prime example of the waste that happens when politicians and bureaucrats don’t know how to use technology. To make matters worse, the installation of the software and hardware is completely botched and the IT department had to put out a tender to hire a firm to come in and fix the issues. We hope that the government will take heed and learn from their mistakes.


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