Microsoft Office 2021 is Launching on October 5

Microsoft Office 2021 Commercial is now available as a paid client for businesses. This means that consumers will have to wait until October 5 before they can go to their local retailer and purchase it. Additionally, those who are acquiring an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Capital Management (HCM), or Platform System Infrastructure Solution can download the Long Term Servicing Channel of Office 2021 immediately. Microsoft also made the Microsoft Office Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) for the general public who uses Windows and macOS.

Microsoft Office 2021
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Starting October 2nd, perpetual Office users in production will be able to move to the long-term support (LTS) version of their current Office program. Microsoft will provide these users with security updates for vulnerabilities in supported products, but they won’t receive new features. Microsoft believes this type of business is most applicable to companies who stick to a rigid process or have processes that can’t change on a monthly basis, or businesses somehow related to government agencies.

For instance, an organization might be required to purchase PCs without touchscreens so wouldn’t need modern versions of Office powered by the latest capabilities of the Windows operating system. LTSC Editions market data from October 2016 reveals that approximately 26 percent of total commercial Office licenses are currently using a qualified perpetual license.

Furthermore, Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft has listed multiple new features that should be released on the consumer version of Office 2021, which is the perpetual release without updates over time like what you would get with an on-premises upgrade. For example, there’s a “Line Focus” feature that works much like a reading mode.

Microsoft Office 2021 Download
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In addition, XLOOKUP will search for data in a table just as DAT functions used to do before being replaced by SUMPRODUCT. The Summation product will also return from Excel 2016 if you update to Office 2019. Lastly, dark mode support will be available across all the pre-release versions of Office 2021 ever since it was announced two years ago at Build 2016 and made available in Office 2019.

Microsoft Office 2021 Price

Microsoft Office™ 2021 has not released its pricing details to the public at this time. Although, previous speculations can help give an idea of what we can expect when it comes out in two years’ time, which was also recently announced by Microsoft for a price hike in 2022.

Final Words

The Microsoft Windows 11 OS launch date is October 5, which is also when the next generation of Windows OS will go live. The OS will bring new features to both the system as well as the app design level due to which users will be able to interact with Windows apps much like they would with their smartphone.


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