iPod Touch is Officially Discontinued by Apple, Ending the iPod Series After 20 Years

After 20 years, it’s time for the iPod Touch to say goodbye. Apple discontinued the iPod series after the iPod Touch was released 20 years ago. With a sleek design, many features, and a price that won’t break the bank, the iPod Touch was a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable MP4 player.

Apple announced earlier this week that the iPod Touch would be discontinued. Apple’s iconic iPod series which has been around for 20 years is finally coming to a close.

iPod Touch is Officially Discontinued by Apple

As stated by the Cupertino-based company, it discontinued the product because it was outdated and no longer relevant. Its features have since been adopted by other Apple products, such as the iPhone and the iPad. As a result, it has largely been replaced on the market today. In case you don’t know, the iPod Touch was the last entry in the iPod family and was unveiled in May of last year, so it is about three years old.

What’s Next?

Now, Apple’s chief marketing officer Greg Joswiak said that “Music has always been at the heart of Apple, and making it available to hundreds of millions of customers in the way iPod did help to redefine how music is discovered, listened to, and shared.”. The spirit of the iPod lives on to this day. Across all of Apple’s devices – from the iPhone to the Apple Watch, and from the iPad to Apple TV, Apple Music offers an unrivaled music experience. “There’s no better way to discover, enjoy, and experience music than with Apple Music.”

Nearly 21 years ago, Apple introduced the iPod back in October 2001. Since then, various versions of the iPod have been released, including the iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Touch. Over the years, however, all of these have been phased out. For now, the iPod Touch can still be purchased from Apple’s website or retail stores for 199 US Dollars, but only while supplies last.

Final Words

It’s with a sad heart that we inform our readers that the iconic iPod Touch is finally discontinued by Apple. The iPod Touch has been around for 20 years and has been a staple in many people’s lives. After being announced earlier this week, many people took to social media to express their sadness and disbelief.

While Apple hasn’t released an official statement, it seems like the iPod Touch is just one of the many casualties in the company’s quest to redesign and reinvent its products. We sincerely hope that future iPod Touch models will be more innovative, interesting, and user-friendly. Until then, we recommend you check out our other blog posts to stay up-to-date with all the latest news!


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