iWork Update: Apple Introduces New Features for Keynote, Pages, and Numbers

iWork Update: Apple has updated its iWork suite to accommodate the latest iOS & macOS updates. As part of this update, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers will receive some new and powerful features. This brings us to the latest version! You can update from within the app or on apple’s website on a computer.

All three apps now come with fancy new features, but we think Keynote got the best upgrades. It would especially be great for those who want to make slideshows and presentations with their iPhone and iPad’s upgraded camera.

Keynote allows you to merge in live videos and if you’re on a Mac you can plug in an external camera for higher quality video. The Pages app has a new reader mode that optimizes content for reading without changing the layout or taking away editing tools. In addition, the Numbers app now allows you to create pivot tables from your iPhone.

iWork Update: Details

Aside from individual app updates, Apple has added new translation features. With this feature, you can now select text in an app and instantly translate it as well as listen to the translation. In addition, you could replace the original text with the translated one.

Apple now offers “translation tools” as well as individual updates for Keynote, Pages, and Numbers which you can use on-the-go Employees now have the capability to choose a selection of text from any document and use those translation tools to listen to a spoken conversation between two people who don’t speak the same language as them or even better convert the text into one they do understand. This accessibility has been added as a feature across all of Apple’s iWork apps.


If you’re not using Numbers or Pages, Keynote is one of the most important default Apple apps in your arsenal. It lets you create impressive presentations in no time with its many features, and now it’s getting even more powerful. You can now add Live Videos to your presentations thanks to the new updates, which means you’ll be able to tell stories that are much, you can add video narration to give it a personal touch.

This is a helpful feature for teachers as well as students in the online classroom situation. If you are using your iPad or iPhone camera to record these videos on your device, Apple has made it possible for Mac users to use Keynote more efficiently. and switch between them throughout the presentation.

While this is a good improvement, there are still some things that are sub-par looking. For one, it shows Apple is trying to bring the iPad & Mac to the same level. The other issue, however, is their acknowledgment that MacBooks have poor cameras and you should opt for external cameras.


The only new thing about the Pages app for iOS is that users can now choose how they want to view their text on the screen. The interface and templates remain unchanged though.

The latest update to Safari on iOS and macOS brings a new viewing mode called Screen View. It’s similar to reader mode, but it preserves your editing tools while you’re in it and also resizes images for mobile viewing.

Screen View gives you a chance to review documents you’re drafting while using other features in the Pages app. And because it’s built right into the Pages app, it’s easy to view and edit your work from other perspectives.

iWork Update
Image: Apple


I prefer to use Excel, but the Numbers app is still worth checking out. It has an easy-to-use interface and now offers more features, including pivot tables. Creating pivot tables from your phone is really useful if you’re looking for a quick summary of a bunch of data. You can do a basic or advanced formula to analyze the data in an easy-to-view chart format.

iWork Update
Image: Apple


Apple recently updated its iWork apps with new features that are designed for professionals who are creating professional presentations, reports, or spreadsheets. The updates include new features such as font arranging, the ability to add animations to text, and more.


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