How To Get Random Address Using Online Tools? Is It Legal?

Using fake address generators is a key tool and software registration today. So, how do you go about doing it?

Using a fake address to sign up for tools and programs isn’t a new practice. However, it’s becoming difficult to generate bogus addresses with all the bypassing technology available today. Since many users wish to avoid their real identities, it’s still necessary.

So, how do you go about getting the fake address using a tool? In order to do that, we must understand the process first. Moreover, there’s the looming question; is it even legal? So, let’s dive in deeper and find all the answers, including how to use such a tool.

Is It Legal To Get Fake Addresses?

One of the inviting questions of using fake addresses is that is it even legal? To clear things up, legal or illegal, is something that any local court of law handles. So, if something is rendered illegal by the local court of law, it’s illegal.

Now, the purpose of using fake addresses is to protect your real identity from scammers or people of other harmful nature. All of which is, in no way, illegal. Therefore, some even claim it’s necessary to protect your identity in online mediums.

Why do you think VPNs exist? So, before we get fake addresses, let’s get the reasons behind it:

i. Playing It Safe

One of the major reasons anyone does it is to ensure their own safety. For instance, if you’re signing up for a shady-looking website or scheme, do you really want them to use your original name, address, or even credit card number? No, you don’t, and that’s when these tools come in.

ii. Gateway Testing

Some websites, toolmakers, and developers test their platforms’ security by faking or playing a scammer. So, how do they do it? By using fake numbers and addresses. If caught, then their security systems are working flawlessly. Sort of like a test-drive dummy if you will.

iii. Avoiding Scams

As mentioned above, many do it to play safe. So, if you think a tool, website, or streaming service that claims to be like Netflix might scam you, try using fake information first. If it wins your trust, then you can use your own info. Either way, it will help you avoid getting scammed.

iv. Protecting Personal Information

If you’re signing up for a platform or website that requires you to add your personal information, then you can use a bogus address or number too. Moreover, it will be totally fine because it’s fine to not trust doubtful websites or platforms.

Ways To Get The Fake Address Using Tool

Talking about getting a fake address, let’s talk about how you can actually do it. First off, you will need a tool, and then you will have to employ the information that you have generated. So, let’s get down to it and find how to do just that:

1. Pick & Fire Up Tool

First off, pick a tool that generates all the information you need, such as name, address, city, credit card, etc. That’s why you need to find a fake address generator that offers all of these. It’s better to use a viable tool like PrePostSEO’s one, as it has all the options you will need.

Once you find the tool, go to the website. After that, you will find all the information you need, such as:

  • Country Selection
  • Name Or Address Generator
  • Credit Card Generator

Once you see the information you need, click on that and get going to the next step.

2. Generate Address

When you generate information on the tool mentioned above, it will break it down into various sections. You need to pick the ones that are ideal for you. Since we might not need it all, some might just be optional. You will see something like this:

  • Personal Details: Contains all the names, info, zip code, city name, phone numbers, etc.
  • Financial Details: Will feature credit card information, along with bank info, codes, and IBAN numbers
  • Internet: This section will show internet information, such as username, email address, etc.
  • Employment Details: This final section will show the salary information, as well as job title, company name, et cetera.

3. Use The Information In The Form

Once you generate the information, it will have everything you will need for any sort of online form. So, you can use the information as you like. In most cases, this information is to test out tools or sign up for trial-based programs without having to give out personal info.

4. Register Using The Pseudo-Identity

Let’s assume you’re looking to use a particular trial-based tool or wish to check your website’s bypassing prowess. So, you can try and register using the bogus information. Trial-based programs will be fine, but a proper eCommerce security system will annul any bogus sign-up.

5. Enjoy The Perks

Now, the tool you downloaded or the program you wish to get is up and running. So, by using a pseudo-information-generating tool, you have successfully bypassed a security system.

Moreover, if you were looking to avoid being scammed and try to get the software first, then you have done that as well—now enjoy the perks.

The Tools You Can Use To Get Fake Addresses

Now, if you wish to gain all the aforementioned benefits, you need an array of tools to do so. How do you do that? By picking a tool that offers you such information-generating abilities. But, you don’t have to worry about that, as we have the right list of tools ready for you:

1. Fakeaddressgenerator

Fakeaddressgenerator was mentioned as the viable testing tool we used for this article. It has all the key information-generating abilities you will need. So, it’s fitting to see it as one of the top priorities for your next credit card generator or fake address generating tool.



CountryUSANameRory Lebsack Sr.
Address212 Jacobi Green Apt. 503CitySouth Aron
StateBilzenZip Code98631
GenderMaleDate Of Birth24-1-1986
Phone(227) 215-3066
Age (Years)36Zodiac SignTaurus
Height5ft 1inchWeight63 kg
Hair ColorBrownEye ColorGolden

2. Fake Name Generator

Fake Name Generator is a name-only type of tool which allows you to generate any information you wish for. So, using it is ideal in case you’re looking to use a tool that offers only city-based sign-up procedures. It’s mainly effective for United States users.

Fake Name Generator


Name:Willie D. Booth
Address:3367 Eden Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93178  
Mother’s Maiden Name:Felton
Geo Coordinates:34.32179, -119.735733

3. Fake Person Generator

Fake Person Generator creates all the information you will need for any sort of sign-up, registration, what have you. So, much like PrePostSEO, this tool also offers all-around info-producing capabilities. However, it all dials down to your necessity.

Fake Person Generator


Birthday:2/8/1986 (36 years old) 
City, State, Zip:Charlotte, Tennessee(TN), 37036
Street:4472 Buffalo Creek Road

Final Words

That’s how you get fake addresses using a generator tool. Furthermore, these three tools can help you gain the aforementioned benefits. So, whether you wish to hide personal information, see a trial-based tool or get a program, then that’s how you do it.


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