10 Best Ludo Games to Play in 2022

The word ‘Ludo‘ often brings back childhood memories. Everyone in India and Pakistan is acquainted with this game. There was a time when the chance of Ludo’s survival looks gloomy. However, in 2016, when Ludo was on the verge of extinction, the efforts and game developing skills of this generation, revived it in the form of a mobile gaming app called Ludo King. This app gained popularity in no time and is a delightful way to be with family and friends by Phone.

Many versions of the Ludo games are now available in the Market with various variations to meet the gaming interest of all sorts of people. 

The top 10 best Ludo games to Play in 2022.

1. Ludo King

Ludo King Game Interface

As the name suggests, this Ludo game is King as far as popularity is concerned; Ludo King allows its user to play this game offline anytime; A player can also play on a computer or with other players both online and offline and can easily communicate with another while playing. 


  • It allows its users to create room in the game.
  • It is challenge-oriented so that your bet coins stay safe.
  • Snakes and ladders option is also available.


  • It has levels that become predictable after some time.
  • Free players find it difficult to earn coins.

2. Super Ludo

Super Ludo Game Interface

it is a live app but has many surprising turns and twists that make the game gripping till the end; the main attraction of this game is its live challenge and 3D display. Some people find its unique board even more entertaining.


  • It can be logged in using Facebook on any device.
  • It permits its player to check rank and score.


  • It contains Ads.
  • A lot of features are unavailable for non-Facebook players.

3. Ludo Fantasy

Ludo Fantasy

Ludo is a classic game that has been around for centuries. This great app, Ludo Fantasy, takes this age-old board game and turns it into an entertaining online experience with beautifully detailed graphics! You can also earn money and that too in real-time while playing- what more could you ask from your favorite pastime?

Ludo is a board game that can be played with friends, family members or online acquaintances in an environment where you are able to chat while playing. The real-time aspect of this app makes it more exciting, and tempting for people who want money prizes! It’s 100% safe, so there won’t ever be a need to worry about potential problems like other apps might have caused before. You’ll never be bored with Ludo again; download this app and play anytime you want.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Win real money
  • Play with live players


  • Not available for iOS devices

4. Ludo Money

Ludo Money Image

Since 2021, Ludo has joined the era of money-making games. Now players get value for their time. The Ludo Money offers a feature to play with verified players and allows instant withdrawal that keeps the players happy. Another feature of this Ludo Money making app is that it can start with just Rs 10 as a signup bonus. It has incorporated refer and earns feature that motivates the player in inviting friends and family to join.


  • Offers instant withdrawals
  •  It is available 24X7 to play
  • It has catchy graphics.


  • It has monetary risk.
  • It can be addictive.

5. Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game

The feature that has made this game popular is the less use of data which makes its loading quicker and more cost-effective.


  • Its dices can change the game
  • It can be played alone on a computer


  • Only 4 players can play at a time.
  •  It offers few features.

6. Ludo Talent

Ludo Talent Game Interface

like other Ludo apps, this app also offers multiplayer and single-player options and allows you to connect with your friends via Facebook. What makes it stand out is the weekly tasks that the game assigns to its player and the rewards connected to it.


  • Many modes to play with.
  • Attractive weekly tasks
  • Offers rewards.


  • Ads are frequent.
  • Features like themes, etc, are unavailable.

7. Ludo All Star

Ludo All Star Game Interface

This game app has been designed to cater to graphic-loving players with a taste for novelty. It has various turns and twists to hone the strategic and analytical skills of the players. It has two different yet catchy modes named Terminator and Team Battle. It offers a choice of themes and skins. There is also a raid mode available in the Team Battle game.


  • Increases logical thinking
  • Uses Facebook as a medium to connect 


  • Certain levels are blocked for free players.
  • Utilizes more data while loading.

8. Ludo Game

Ludo Game 2020 interface

If you are a connoisseur of a classic game and want to play original Ludo then the Ludo game is your answer. This Ludo Game app is available on Playstore in both free and premium versions. This Ludo app has easy functions and can be played by young kids too.


  • Earn coins while playing against a computer.
  • The layout is attractive. 
  • Connects using Facebook
  • It has many levels.


  • Ads are a hindrance.
  • Certain Modes open only after crossing a few levels

9. Ludo Star 2019

Ludo Star 2019 Game Interface

This game’s unique feature is its compatibility. It is only available for the iOS platform only. Another unique feature is the availability of this game in several languages which allows the player to connect with people across the globe. It also offers an autosave feature that allows the player to resume the game later. It also allows the player to gently enter the Ludo world with its easy, medium and hard levels.


  • It has a broader reach with many language options.
  • It can be played offline 
  • It can be played with random player online.


  • Its levels get difficult.
  • It is not compatible with Android platform.

10. Ludo Game – The Dice Game

Ludo The Dice Game Interface

This game is so easy and simple that it has a 5star rating. It is free and compatible with both android and iOS platforms. It is available on the play store to download.


  • It is simple and easy to play.
  • It is easy on the pockets.


  • Very little challenge.
  • Too basic for more creative players.

11. Ludo Online

Ludo Online Game Interface

If you enjoy breaking the rules while playing games, then this Ludo app is your answer as it allows its players’ several opportunities to cheat and grants VIP status for a limited time on being paid. It also plays in 3D view mode.


  • Offers cheat codes
  • Offers VIP status
  • Has a 3D view.


  • It is hard to win.
  • It is somewhat biased.

Final Words

With these top 10 best Ludo game apps and their various updates, gaming will be fun in 2022.  It is a fun way to spend time with your family and friends. It keeps you connected, despite the distance. Moreover, one can also make money and have fun together. With each passing day, Ludo apps are evolving and incorporating monetary benefits, fun tasks and fascinating twists, thereby more and more people are getting attracted to them. However, one should always be careful while downloading games and check for safety options before sharing important personal and financial details to non-verified sources.


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  1. Informative post Bilal. I have played several games but most of them don’t let you withdraw money. Recently i played speed ludo on rush and it was really legit. I was able to withdraw money that i won. Wanted to let other ludo game lovers know.

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