Are Public Wi-Fi Networks Safe When Using a VPN?

We are living in a digital world where everything is connected to the internet and to be a part of it, you need to make sure that you have a reliable and secure internet connection, or else you will not be able to survive. Internet helps us in many ways. From online shopping to watching tons of entertainment content, the internet is everywhere.

The use of the internet is increasing every day, regarding which government buildings, restaurants, cafes, and even bus terminals have started offering free public Wi-Fi. People prefer to go where they can get free Wi-Fi. It all looks like a very good offering and it is indeed but many threats come along with it as well. Many people have been a victim of internet threats and hackers. It’s easy for the hacker to trace your IP address and get into your device when your device is connected to a public network.

If you want to secure your data and personal information from hackers and cybercriminals, the least you can do is install a Virtual Private Network app on your device and use it while you connect your device to the public network.

A Virtual private network (VPN) plays a vital role in securing your devices and the data that you have stored on them when you use public Wi-Fi. If you are using public Wi-Fi, the person who shared the hotspot can trace your IP address easily. If you are outside of your house and you have to connect to a public Wi-Fi because of some work, make sure you use VPN so the work you do, or the data that you have stored on your system is secured. VPN encrypts data and might cause the website to load slow but it will help you secure your data as no one can intercept your activities. VPNs will offer you a dedicated and safe internet connection.

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What is a VPN?

A virtual private network helps you in securing your data and the activities you do online from online hackers and cybercriminals. It secures your privacy from third-party attacks and dangers. Your data would be encrypted once you start using a VPN. Some hackers might know that you are using a VPN but they won’t be able to do anything to your device or your personal information. Your IP address would be changed and you won’t be traced.

Public Wi-Fi Networks

Why Should We Use A VPN?

If we are using a private network, it is not necessary to use a VPN, as many providers like Cox offers internet security that comes as a standard with all Cox internet packages. However, if you are using public Wi-Fi, you need to use a VPN so that your data can be protected from criminals and hackers. Data breaches and hackers’ access are usually used for criminal activities and are provided to terrorist organizations.

Getting internet security and being safe while surfing the web is very important these days. You need to make sure that your devices and your sensitive information are secured. Millions of people are using internet services in this digital world but only a few people care about security. Everyone needs to make sure that either they get an internet security suite along with internet services or if they don’t, they use VPN to make sure that they are secured. Anything can go wrong anytime. One can easily access your data if you are not using internet security even if you are using a private home network.

Why Public Wi-Fi is Not Secure?

Public Wi-Fi is an unsecured network that does not require any password. Anyone can access that. These networks are open connections that leave your devices at risk. Some hackers offer public Wi-Fi, just to steal your data and to get access to your personal information. Following are the threats and dangers, which you might be facing on the internet.

Phishing Attack

If you are using public Wi-Fi, the probability of getting phishing emails or links is more because your IP address can be traced. Cybercriminals usually use this approach to steal your personal information and access your sensitive data.

Identity Theft

It will be very easy for hackers or cybercriminals to get access to your IP address by tracing it if you don’t use a Virtual private network (VPN) while using a public hotspot. Once they have access to that, they can easily get access to all your sensitive data and personal information that could include pictures, videos, or the work you have on your device. They can have access to your social media accounts, the transaction that you make online can be traced and this way they can misuse that information for illegal purposes. Plus they can use this information to impersonate you for other cybercrime.

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Precautions to be Adapted While Using Public Wi-Fi

Some precautions are very necessary to take while you are using public hotspots to make sure that your personal data and information are secured. If you are using a public network, try to have an internet security suite and VPN in your device or system so your devices can be secured from all these threats and dangers. Try not to open random links and emails that can result in you losing your personal information.

Public Wi-Fi Networks

Tips for Using Virtual Private Network (VPN)

While using public Wi-Fi, make sure that you have a VPN on your computing/mobile device. Try to get a paid VPN, so you get all the features and your VPN will run smoothly. Find out the best VPN deals to save great percentage off or more on long-term VPN subscriptions. Before doing any work or surfing on the internet while using the public hotspot, make sure that you connect VPN first, so no one can access your data and your device is secured.

Final Words

Internet security in this digital world is not something to take lightly. Moreover, when you are using public Wi-Fi, it’s like you are giving an invitation to hackers and cybercriminals to access your data. Try not to use public Wi-Fi but if by any chance you are using a public hotspot, try to follow the above precautions, use VPN and save yourself from these threats and dangers.


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