Honor and Microsoft Sign a Partnership to Develop AI and Smart Technology

Last year, Honor which was separated from Huawei announced a partnership with Microsoft aimed at working together to create a strategic alliance to promote better user experiences on both software and hardware fronts. Today, they have announced the next phase of their partnership in which both of them will work together to develop ground-breaking AI and end devices and create new technology strategies. They will also strive to bring AI expert services into the everyday lives of people across the globe.

Honor and Microsoft

Honor says that its goal with the Honor MagicBook V 14 is to ultimately support its “1+8+N” strategic vision worldwide. Apart from this, Honor has announced that it plans to bring Honor MagicBook V 14 to market as one of the world’s first laptops to come pre-installed with Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 11.

Honor has recently started to shift the way of doing things around here. They have begun working on their new strategy called “One Plus Eight Network” to develop products by focusing on AI and smartphones of their own brand of course while developing other connected products. Some examples are Wearables, Lenovo Smart Screens, Tablet PC’s, TW Stereo Headphones, and Routers

The company will integrate Microsoft’s cloud computing and AI technology into its product and services. One example of this is YOYO which is an intelligent personal assistant that uses a combination of natural language processing, speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, machine learning, information retrieval and linguistic analysis. It enables people to have a conversation with a chatbot – just like they would with a human assistant – by sending text or voice requests via the smartphone app. It also connects to other apps such as Nest or Smart Things to manage home appliances through speech commands.

Honor has been using Windows 10 as its official operating system for its computers since Honor made changes to the operating system due to security concerns. Honor MagicBook V 14, the latest laptop from Honor Company has just been announced and it is going to be officially launched on September 26 at the Honor Smart Life Product Launch event.


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